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Partners of 
Margi Kensit
Margi Kensit

Partners of 
Margi Kensit

Jimmy Kensit


2 children together

Feb 1986

Aga Khan IV


dated from before 1962

Margi Kensit
Bio Details

Full name

Margaret Rose Kensit

Maiden name

Margaret Rose Doohan




59 (approx.)

Date of birth

Sunday 01 Apr 1934

Birth place

Hampstead, London, England, UK

Date of death:

Dec 1993

Place of death

Westminster, London, UK

Cause of death

Breast Cancer

Margi Kensit

Margaret Rose Kensit


59 (approx.)


Sunday 01 Apr 1934


Dec 1993

Margi Kensit Partner(s) Other Children

Margi Kensit Children

Jamie Kensit

born 1963, age 54
with Jimmy Kensit

Patsy Kensit

born 1968, age 50
with Jimmy Kensit

British Actress


Margi Kensit Family

Margi Kensit's parents:

Margi Kensit's mother is Bridget Doohan

Margi Kensit's children:

Margi Kensit's daughter is Patsy Kensit Margi Kensit's son is Jamie Kensit

Margi Kensit's current partners:

Margi Kensit's husband was Jimmy Kensit Margi Kensit dated Aga Khan IV

Margi Kensit's grandchildren:

Margi Kensit's grandson is James Kerr Margi Kensit's grandson is Lennon Gallagher

Margi Kensit's in laws:

Margi Kensit's father in law was James Kensit Margi Kensit's mother in law is Eliza Kensit Margi Kensit's grandfather in law was Thomas Kensit Margi Kensit's grandmother in law is Elizabeth Kensit

Margi Kensit's former in laws:

Margi Kensit's former son in law is Liam Gallagher Margi Kensit's former son in law is Jim Kerr Margi Kensit's former son in law is Jeremy Healy Margi Kensit's former son in law is Dan Donovan