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Mike Todd
Partners of 
Mike Todd

Theatre and Film Producer
Mike Todd

Michael Todd




Tuesday 22 Jun 1909


22 Mar 1958

Mike Todd
Bio Details

Full name

Michael Todd

Also known as

Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen





Date of birth

Tuesday 22 Jun 1909

Birth place

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Date of death:

22 Mar 1958

Place of death

Grants, New Mexico, USA

Cause of death

Private Plane Crash


Film Producer

Theatre Producer

Film Production

Mike Todds 1956 production of Around the World in 80 Days, won an Academy Award for Best Picture

Mike Todd Siblings

Carl Goldbogen


Partners of 
Mike Todd

Elizabeth Taylor


1 child together

2 Feb 1957

Joan Todd


married 5 Jul 1947
divorce 8 Jun 1950

Gypsy Rose Lee


affair from circa 1939
until circa 1942

Bertha Todd


1 child together


Mike Todd Children

Mike Todd Jr

born 1929, died 2002, age 73 (approx.)
with Bertha Todd

Liza Todd Tivey

born 1957, age 63
with Elizabeth Taylor

Michael Wilding Jr

born 1953, age 68
step-child with Elizabeth Taylor

Christopher Wilding

born 1955, age 66
step-child with Elizabeth Taylor

Mike Todd Partner(s) Other Children


Mike Todd Family

Mike Todd's parents:

Mike Todd's father is Chaim Goldbogen Mike Todd's mother is Sophia Goldbogen

Mike Todd's children:

Mike Todd's son was Mike Todd Jr Mike Todd's daughter is Liza Todd Tivey Mike Todd's step-son is Michael Wilding Jr Mike Todd's step-son is Christopher Wilding

Mike Todd's current partners:

Mike Todd's wife was Elizabeth Taylor

Mike Todd's former partners:

Mike Todd's former wife was Joan Todd Mike Todd had an affair with Gypsy Rose Lee Mike Todd's former wife was Bertha Todd

Mike Todd's siblings:

Mike Todd's brother is Carl Goldbogen

Mike Todd's grandchildren:

Mike Todd's grandson is Rhys Tivey Mike Todd's grandson is Quinn Tivey

Mike Todd's in laws:

Mike Todd's father in law was Francis Taylor Mike Todd's mother in law was Sara Taylor Mike Todd's grandfather in law was Francis Taylor Mike Todd's grandmother in law was Elizabeth Taylor Mike Todd's grandfather in law was Samuel Warmbrodt Mike Todd's grandmother in law was Anna Warmbrodt Mike Todd's brother in law is Howard Taylor Mike Todd's sister in law-by-marriage is Mara Taylor Mike Todd's son in law is Hap Tivey

Mike Todd's former in laws:

Mike Todd's former father in law was Eddie Blondell Jr Mike Todd's former mother in law was Kathryn Blondell Mike Todd's former sister in law was Gloria Blondell