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Rip Torn
Partners of 
Rip Torn

American Actor
Cousin to Sissy Spacek
Rip Torn

Elmore Ruel Torn Jr




Friday 06 Feb 1931


9 Jul 2019

Rip Torn
Bio Details

Full name

Elmore Ruel Torn Jr

Also known as

Elmore Rudolph Torn





Date of birth

Friday 06 Feb 1931

Birth place

Temple, Texas, USA

Date of death:

9 Jul 2019

Place of death

At his home in Lakeville, Connecticut, USA



Broadway Actor (1959)


Texas A&M University, Kingsville, Texas, United States (Finished 1962)

Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute, New York, United States

Partners of 
Rip Torn

Amy Wright


2 children together


Geraldine Page


3 children together


Ann Wedgeworth


1 child together

married 15 Jan 1955
divorce 1961

Rip Torn Children

Danae Torn

born 1956, age 63
with Ann Wedgeworth

Angelica Page

born 1964, age 55
with Geraldine Page

John Torn

born 1965, age 54
with Geraldine Page

Tony Torn

born 1965, age 54
with Geraldine Page

Katie Torn

born 1983, age 36 (approx.)
with Amy Wright

Claire Torn

born 1992, age 27
with Amy Wright

Rip Torn Partner(s) Other Children


Rip Torn Family

Rip Torn's parents:

Rip Torn's father was Elmore Torn Rip Torn's mother was Thelma Torn

Rip Torn's children:

Rip Torn's daughter is Danae Torn Rip Torn's daughter is Angelica Page Rip Torn's son is John Torn Rip Torn's son is Tony Torn Rip Torn's daughter is Katie Torn Rip Torn's daughter is Claire Torn

Rip Torn's current partners:

Rip Torn's wife was Geraldine Page Rip Torn's wife was Amy Wright

Rip Torn's former partners:

Rip Torn's former wife was Ann Wedgeworth

Rip Torn's grandparents:

Rip Torn's grandfather was Arnold Spacek Rip Torn's grandmother was Mary Spacek Rip Torn's grandfather was Rudolph Torn Rip Torn's grandmother was Othilie Torn

Rip Torn's uncles and aunts:

Rip Torn's uncle was Edwin Spacek Rip Torn's aunt-by-marriage is Virginia Spacek Rip Torn's uncle was Clarence Spacek Rip Torn's uncle was Rose Mae Byrd

Rip Torn's cousins:

Rip Torn's cousin is Sissy Spacek

Rip Torn's first cousins once removed:

Rip Torn's first cousin once removed is Schuyler Fisk Rip Torn's first cousin once removed is Madison Fisk

Rip Torn's in laws:

Rip Torn's father in law was Dr Leon Page Rip Torn's mother in law is Pearl Page