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John Warnock
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John Warnock

Co founder of Adobe Systems Inc
John Warnock

Dr. John Edward Warnock




Sunday 06 Oct 1940

John Warnock
Bio Details

Full name

Dr. John Edward Warnock





Date of birth

Sunday 06 Oct 1940

Birth place

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA



Computer Scientist (1978)

Co Chairman of Adobe Systems Inc (1984)

CEO of Adobe Systems Inc (1984 - 2001)

Chief Technology Officer of Adobe Systems Inc (1984)


University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States (Finished 1969)

Olympus High School, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Co founded Adobe Systems Inc with Dr. Charles Geschke in 1982 and has been the company's Chairman since 1984 having been CEO and Chief Tecnhology Officer.  Adobe was responsible for creating the first "desktop publishing"  system in 1985.  Today Adobe is the leader in electronic imaging and publishing and in graphical arts software.
Holds a B.S. in mathematics and philosophy (1961), an M.S. in mathematics (1964), and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering (1969),  from the University of Utah.
In 1964 he solved the Jacobson radical - a complicated problem in abstract algebra that had remained unsolved since being posed in 1956

Partners of 
John Warnock

Relationship History

Marva Warnock


Sep 1965

Professional Partners

Charles Geschke

Professional Working Relationship

working together from 1982


John Warnock Family

John Warnock's current partners:

John Warnock's wife is Marva Warnock