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Gary Ridgway
Partners of 
Gary Ridgway

American serial killer known as 'The Green River Killer'
Gary Ridgway

Gary Leon Ridgway




Friday 18 Feb 1949

Gary Ridgway
Bio Details

Full name

Gary Leon Ridgway





Date of birth

Friday 18 Feb 1949

Birth place

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


Vehicle Painter

US Navy (1969 - 1971)


Chinook Junior High, SeaTac, Washington, United States

Tyee High School, SeaTac, Washington, United States

The Facts

Beginning in 1982, Gary Ridgway claims to have murdered upwards of 80 women until he was caught in 2001.  He was initially charged with strangling 4 women and dumping their bodies in the Green River - earning him his nickname - and eventually plead guilty to 48 counts of aggravated first-degree murder.  While serving multiple life sentences DNA evidence has convicted him on further counts of murder.  He is considered to have committed more killings then any other serial killer in US history.

Gary Ridgway Siblings

Gregory Ridgway


Thomas Edward Ridgway


Partners of 
Gary Ridgway

Judith Ridgway


married 1988

Marcia Ridgway


married Jul 1980

Claudia Ridgway


married 15 Aug 1970
divorce Jan 1972

Gary Ridgway Children

Matthew Ridgway

born 1975, age 43 (approx.)
with Marcia Ridgway

Marie Lynch

born 1965, age 52
step-child with Judith Ridgway

Rachel Lynch

born 1968, age 49 (approx.)
step-child with Judith Ridgway

Gary Ridgway Partner(s) Other Children


Gary Ridgway Family

Gary Ridgway's parents:

Gary Ridgway's father is Tom Ridgway Gary Ridgway's mother was Mary Rita Ridgway

Gary Ridgway's children:

Gary Ridgway's son is Matthew Ridgway Gary Ridgway's step-daughter is Marie Lynch Gary Ridgway's step-daughter is Rachel Lynch

Gary Ridgway's current partners:

Gary Ridgway's wife is Judith Ridgway Gary Ridgway's wife is Marcia Ridgway

Gary Ridgway's former partners:

Gary Ridgway's former wife is Claudia Ridgway

Gary Ridgway's siblings:

Gary Ridgway's brother is Gregory Ridgway Gary Ridgway's brother is Thomas Edward Ridgway

Gary Ridgway's grandparents:

Gary Ridgway's grandfather was Edmond Joseph Steinman Gary Ridgway's grandmother was Clara Steinman

Gary Ridgway's in laws:

Gary Ridgway's father in law was Wesley Mawson Gary Ridgway's mother in law was Helen Pillatos Gary Ridgway's step-father in law is George Pillatos Gary Ridgway's half-sister in law is Georgette Pillatos Gary Ridgway's half-brother in law is Wesley Pillatos Gary Ridgway's half-sister in law is Lori Pillatos

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