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Partner of 
Kate Garvey
Kate Garvey

Partners of 
Kate Garvey

Jimmy Wales


2 children together

Oct 2012

Kate Garvey
Bio Details

Full name

Kate Garvey




Prime Minister's Diary Secretary

Company Director

Was Tony Blair's Diary Secretary when he was the British Prime Minister. He said she ran his schedule  “with a grip of iron and was quite prepared to squeeze the balls very hard indeed of anyone who interfered.”
Third Wife of Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales
Former Diary Secretary for Former British PM Tony Blair
Kate Garvey

Kate Garvey

Kate Garvey Partner(s) Other Children

Kate Garvey Children

Ada Wales

with Jimmy Wales


with Jimmy Wales

Kira Wales

born 2001, age 17 (approx.)
step-child with Jimmy Wales

Daughte rof Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales


Kate Garvey Family

Kate Garvey's children:

Kate Garvey's daughter is Ada Wales Kate Garvey's step-daughter is Kira Wales

Kate Garvey's current partners:

Kate Garvey's husband is Jimmy Wales

Kate Garvey's in laws:

Kate Garvey's father in law is Jimmy Wales Kate Garvey's mother in law is Doris Wales