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Gerard John Schaefer
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Gerard John Schaefer

American serial killer who murdered at least 9 women
Gerard John Schaefer

Gerard John Schaefer




Monday 25 Mar 1946


3 Dec 1995

Gerard John Schaefer
Bio Details

Full name

Gerard John Schaefer

Also known as

Jerry Shepherd

The Butcher Of Blind Creek





Date of birth

Monday 25 Mar 1946

Date of death:

3 Dec 1995


Deputy Sheriff

Police Officer


Marist Academy, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States (1960)

Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States (1964)

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, United States (1968)

An inauspicious start

As a child, Schaefer developed a fetish for women's underwear, and became a peeping tom at a young age.  At the age of twelve he began to experiment with sado-masochism, trying himself to trees and deliberately hurting himself in order to experience a sexual thrill.  This sado-masochistic urge ended his first marriage, with his wife citing 'extreme cruelty' as her reason for wanting a divorce.

The Facts

In 1972, Officer Schaefer picked up two girls, took them into the woods, tied them to a tree and threatened to sell them into prostitution.  The pair escaped and reported the incident.  Less than a year later, two bodies were discovered that showed signs of having been through the same ordeal.  Schaefer was charged with their murder and given 2 life sentences.  During a search of his home investigators found personal possessions of 8 other women who had gone missing, including some teeth.

The End

While Schaefer had spent many years publicly protesting his innocence, in private he had boasted about killing 80 more women and girls - although the police suspected this figure was closer to 30.  On 3rd of December 1995 Schaefer was found stabbed to death in his cell.  His killer, a fellow inmate serving a life sentence for 2 murders, did not confess to the crime, or give a motive for it.  Sadly Schaefer's murder prevented the police from gaining any further information on these cases.

Gerard John Schaefer Siblings

Sara Keen


Gary Schaefer


Partners of 
Gerard John Schaefer

Teresa Schwartz


married Aug 1970
divorce Nov 1973

Martha Schaefer


married Dec 1968
divorce May 1970

Sondra London


dated from circa 1963
until circa 1964


Gerard John Schaefer Family

Gerard John Schaefer's parents:

Gerard John Schaefer's father is Gerard Schaefer Gerard John Schaefer's mother is Doris Schaefer

Gerard John Schaefer's former partners:

Gerard John Schaefer's former wife is Teresa Schwartz Gerard John Schaefer's former wife is Martha Schaefer Gerard John Schaefer dated Sondra London

Gerard John Schaefer's siblings:

Gerard John Schaefer's sister is Sara Keen Gerard John Schaefer's brother is Gary Schaefer

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