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Partner of 
Lepa Brena
Lepa Brena

Partners of 
Lepa Brena

Slobodan Zivojinovic


2 children together

7 Dec 1991

Lepa Brena
Bio Details

Full name

Lepa Brena

Maiden name

Fahreta Jahic





Date of birth

Thursday 20 Oct 1960

Birth place

Tuzla, Bosnia

Lepa Brena Siblings

Faketa Stojanovic


Faruk Jahic


Popular Bosnia folk singer
Lepa Brena

Lepa Brena




Thursday 20 Oct 1960

Lepa Brena Partner(s) Other Children

Lepa Brena Children

Stefan Zivojinovic

born 1992, age 26
with Slobodan Zivojinovic

Viktor Zivojinovic

born 1998, age 20
with Slobodan Zivojinovic

Filip Zivojinovic

born 1985, age 32 (approx.)
step-child with Slobodan Zivojinovic


Lepa Brena Family

Lepa Brena's parents:

Lepa Brena's father was Abid Jahic Lepa Brena's mother was Ifeta Jahic

Lepa Brena's children:

Lepa Brena's son is Stefan Zivojinovic Lepa Brena's son is Viktor Zivojinovic Lepa Brena's step-son is Filip Zivojinovic

Lepa Brena's current partners:

Lepa Brena's husband is Slobodan Zivojinovic

Lepa Brena's siblings:

Lepa Brena's sister is Faketa Stojanovic Lepa Brena's brother is Faruk Jahic

Lepa Brena's nieces and nephews:

Lepa Brena's niece is Majda Stojanovic Lepa Brena's niece is Diana Stojanovic

Lepa Brena's in laws:

Lepa Brena's father in law was Father of Slobodan Zivojinovic Lepa Brena's brother in law is Ceda Zivojinovic