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Mike Krieger
Partners of 
Mike Krieger

Co Founder of Instagram
Mike Krieger

Michel Krieger




Tuesday 04 Mar 1986

Mike Krieger
Bio Details

Full name

Michel Krieger





Date of birth

Tuesday 04 Mar 1986

Birth place

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Stanford University, (Leland Stanford Junior University), Stanford, California, United States (2004)

Co founded Instagram, the photo sharing app, with Kevin Systrom in 2011 and sold it to Facebook for $715 million in 2012.  Following it's launch, the app became one of the fastest growing applications ever gaining 80 million users in less than a year.
2015: Instagram has over 400 million users who post over 80 million photos a day.  One of the most popular Instagram pictures ever was of Kendall Jenner's hair arranged in heart shapes, it has been "liked" over 3.1 million times
Works as Instagram's techinical lead.
His father gave him a computer when he was just 6 years old and he began to tinker, learning to write software and build his own hardware.

Partners of 
Mike Krieger

Relationship History

Kaitlyn Trigger



Professional Partners

Kevin Systrom

Professional Working Relationship

working together from 2010


Mike Krieger Family

Mike Krieger's current partners:

Mike Krieger's wife is Kaitlyn Trigger

Mike Krieger's in laws:

Mike Krieger's father in law was Vic Trigger

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