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Kenneth Bianchi
Partners of 
Kenneth Bianchi

One of a pair of murderous cousins known as the 'Hillside Strangler'
Kenneth Bianchi

Kenneth Alessio Bianchi




Tuesday 22 May 1951

Kenneth Bianchi
Bio Details

Full name

Kenneth Alessio Bianchi





Date of birth

Tuesday 22 May 1951

Birth place

Rochester, New York, USA


Holy Family School, New York, United States

Gates Chili Central School, Rochester, New York, United States (1966)

The Facts

Between October 1977 and January 1978, Bianchi and Buono went on a spree of kidnappings, rapes and murders that took the lives of 15 people.  Posing as policemen, the pair began with prostitutes and then began to target more middle class women, leaving their bodies on the hillside of Glendale-Highland Park in Los Angeles.  They were caught in October 1979 and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole in 1983 after one of the longest trials in history.

Copycat Killing

In 1980 Bianchi began a relationship with Veronica Compton.  At his instigation she attempted to commit a copycat murder to exonerate Bianchi.  This failed and she was imprisoned for attempted murder.

Partners of 
Kenneth Bianchi

Relationship History

Veronica Compton


relationship began 1980

Kelli Boyd


1 child together

dating from about 1976

Brenda Bianchi


married 1971
divorce 1972

Professional Partners

Angelo Buono

Criminal Association

Jan 1976

Kenneth Bianchi Children

Ryan Bianchi

born 1978, age 40
with Kelli Boyd

Kenneth Bianchi Partner(s) Other Children


Kenneth Bianchi Family

Kenneth Bianchi's parents:

Kenneth Bianchi's adoptive father was Nicholas Bianchi Kenneth Bianchi's adoptive mother is Frances Scioliono

Kenneth Bianchi's children:

Kenneth Bianchi's son is Ryan Bianchi

Kenneth Bianchi's current partners:

Kenneth Bianchi has a relationship with Veronica Compton Kenneth Bianchi is dating Kelli Boyd

Kenneth Bianchi's former partners:

Kenneth Bianchi's former wife is Brenda Bianchi

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