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Graham Frederick Young
Partner of 
Graham Frederick Young

The Teacup Poisoner
Graham Frederick Young

Graham Frederick Young




Sunday 07 Sep 1947


1 Aug 1990

Graham Frederick Young
Bio Details

Full name

Graham Frederick Young





Date of birth

Sunday 07 Sep 1947

Date of death:

1 Aug 1990


Braintcroft Primary School, London England, United Kingdom

John Kelly Secondary School, Neasden, London, England, United Kingdom

The Facts

Young was obsessed with the chemistry of poisons.  Initially he was imprisoned for poisoning his family, including the fatal poisoning of his step-mother.  On his release from jail we went on to poison around 70 people within the first few months of his freedom.  He kept meticulous notes in his diary about dosages, effects, and whether he chose for an individual to live or die.

Notoriety on the silver screen

A 1995 film entitled 'The Young Poisoner's Handbook' was loosely based on the life and crimes of Young.

Graham Frederick Young Siblings

Winifred Young


Partners of 
Graham Frederick Young


Graham Frederick Young Family

Graham Frederick Young's parents:

Graham Frederick Young's father was Fred Young Graham Frederick Young's mother was Molly Young Graham Frederick Young's step-mother was Molly Young

Graham Frederick Young's siblings:

Graham Frederick Young's sister is Winifred Young

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