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Bud Hynde
Partner of 
Bud Hynde

Bud Hynde

Melville Grant Hynde




Thursday 03 Nov 1921


27 Feb 2010

Bud Hynde
Bio Details

Full name

Melville Grant Hynde





Date of birth

Thursday 03 Nov 1921

Birth place

East Akron, Ohio, USA

Date of death:

27 Feb 2010

Worked for  The Ohio Bell Telephone Company.

Partners of 
Bud Hynde

Dee Hynde


2 children together

10 Apr 1946

Bud Hynde Children

Terry Hynde

born 1950 (bef.), age 68 (bef.)
with Dee Hynde

Chrissie Hynde

born 1951, age 66
with Dee Hynde

Singer and founding member of The Pretenders

Bud Hynde Partner(s) Other Children


Bud Hynde Family

Bud Hynde's parents:

Bud Hynde's father is Leonard Hynde Bud Hynde's mother is Evelyn Hynde

Bud Hynde's children:

Bud Hynde's daughter is Chrissie Hynde Bud Hynde's son is Terry Hynde

Bud Hynde's current partners:

Bud Hynde's wife was Dee Hynde

Bud Hynde's grandchildren:

Bud Hynde's granddaughter is Natalie Davies Bud Hynde's granddaughter is Yasmin Paris Kerr

Bud Hynde's in laws:

Bud Hynde's father in law is Jack Roberts Bud Hynde's mother in law is Irene Roberts

Bud Hynde's former in laws:

Bud Hynde's former son in law is Jim Kerr Bud Hynde's former son in law is Lucho Brieva