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John Christie
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John Christie

British Serial Killer of the 1940s & 50s
John Christie

John Reginald Halliday Christie




Saturday 08 Apr 1899


15 Jul 1953

John Christie
Bio Details

Full name

John Reginald Halliday Christie





Date of birth

Saturday 08 Apr 1899

Birth place

Black Boy House, Turner Lane, Ackroyden, Halifax, Yorkshire, England

Date of death:

15 Jul 1953

Place of death

Pentonville Prison, London, England

Cause of death



Cinema Projectionist (1914)

British Army (1916 - 1919)

Cinema Projectionist (1919)


Boothtown Junior School, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Halifax Secondary School / Clare Hall, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom (Finished 1913)

A dramatic story

The story of Christie's crimes was dramatised in the 1971 film '10 Rillington Place', in which Christie was portrayed by Sir Richard Attenborough.  The film is named after the house in which Christie lived while he was committing his crimes, hiding four bodies at the address - including that of his wife.


Christie was convicted of killing at least eight women by strangling, including is wife Ethel.  He hid their bodies in various locations around the flat - 3 bodies in a kitchen alcove, his wife's body under the floorboards, and two further bodies buried in the back garden.  He also confessed to the killing of Beryl Evans, but not that of her daughter Geraldine.

Too late for innocence

Two of Christie's victims were mother and daughter Beryl and Geraldine Evans, tenants in the building.  Tim Evans, Beryl's husband, was charged and hanged for their murders in 1950.  However, Christie confessed to killing Beryl when he was arrested in 1953.  In 2003 the High Court accepted that Evans had been the victim of a miscarriage of justice, but the conviction was not formally quashed due to the cost, but he was granted a Royal Pardon in 1966.

John Christie Siblings

Percy Christie


Cissie Christie


Effie Christie


Elsie Christie


Winifred Delves


Dolly Christie


Partners of 
John Christie

Ethel Christie


10 May 1920


John Christie Family

John Christie's parents:

John Christie's father was Ernest Christie John Christie's mother is Mary Christie

John Christie's current partners:

John Christie's wife was Ethel Christie

John Christie's siblings:

John Christie's brother was Percy Christie John Christie's sister was Cissie Christie John Christie's sister was Effie Christie John Christie's sister was Elsie Christie John Christie's sister was Winifred Delves John Christie's sister was Dolly Christie

John Christie's nieces and nephews:

John Christie's nephew is Jack Delves

John Christie's grandparents:

John Christie's grandfather was David Halliday John Christie's grandfather was John Christie John Christie's grandmother was Eliza Christie

John Christie's great grandparents:

John Christie's great grandfather was Robert Christie

John Christie's in laws:

John Christie's father in law was William Simpson John Christie's mother in law was Amy Martha Simpson John Christie's brother in law was Henry Simpson John Christie's sister in law was Lily Simpson

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