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David Berkowitz
Partner of 
David Berkowitz

Serial Killer known as 'Son of Sam'
David Berkowitz

David Richard Berkowitz




Monday 01 Jun 1953

David Berkowitz
Bio Details

Full name

David Richard Berkowitz

Also known as

Richard David Falco





Date of birth

Monday 01 Jun 1953

Birth place

Brooklyn, New York, USA

After shooting 6 people dead and wounding 7 more, Berkowitz was arrested.  During questioning he stated he was told to commit the murders by his neighbour Sam Carr, via messages given to him by Carr's black labrador Harvey, claiming that the dog was possessed by the devil.
After the killing of Alexander Esau and Valentina Suriani, Berkowitz left a letter taunting the police and naming himself 'Son of Sam'.  It was the first of a series of letters sent to the police and the press.

David Berkowitz Siblings

Roslyn Falco


other parent: Tony Falco

Partners of 
David Berkowitz


David Berkowitz Family

David Berkowitz's parents:

David Berkowitz's father was Joseph Kleinman David Berkowitz's mother is Betty Falco David Berkowitz's adoptive father is Nathan Berkowitz David Berkowitz's adoptive mother was Pearl Berkowitz

David Berkowitz's former step-parents:

David Berkowitz's former step-father is Tony Falco

David Berkowitz's siblings:

David Berkowitz's half-sister is Roslyn Falco

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