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Partners of 
Nonie Sargant
Nonie Sargant

Partners of 
Nonie Sargant

Sir Anthony Montague Browne


1 child together

Aug 1981

Sir Edmund Sargant


relationship began about Aug 1981

Michael Pelloe


married about Feb 1973
divorce before 1981

Nonie Sargant
Bio Details

Full name

Evelyn Noel Sargant

Maiden name

Evelyn Noel Arnold-Wallinger





Date of birth

Friday 25 Dec 1925

Birth place

Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, UK

Date of death:

19 Feb 2016

Nonie Sargant

Evelyn Noel Sargant




Friday 25 Dec 1925


19 Feb 2016

Nonie Sargant Partner(s) Other Children

Nonie Sargant Children

Jane Hoare-Temple

born 1953, age 64
with Sir Anthony Montague Browne

Justin Welby

born 1956, age 62
step-child with Sir Anthony Montague Browne

The Archbishop of Canterbury, 2013


Nonie Sargant Family

Nonie Sargant's parents:

Nonie Sargant's father is Frank Arnold-Wallinger Nonie Sargant's mother is Evelyn Arnold-Wallinger

Nonie Sargant's children:

Nonie Sargant's step-son is Justin Welby Nonie Sargant's daughter is Jane Hoare-Temple

Nonie Sargant's current partners:

Nonie Sargant had a relationship with Sir Edmund Sargant Nonie Sargant's husband was Sir Anthony Montague Browne

Nonie Sargant's former partners:

Nonie Sargant's former husband is Michael Pelloe

Nonie Sargant's grandchildren:

Nonie Sargant's grandson is Guy Hoare-Temple

Nonie Sargant's in laws:

Nonie Sargant's father in law was Lt Col Andrew Montague-Browne Nonie Sargant's mother in law is Violet Montague-Browne Nonie Sargant's grandfather in law was Major General Andrew Montague Browne Nonie Sargant's grandmother in law was Alice Browne Nonie Sargant's son in law is Piers Hoare-Temple