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Charles Hawtrey
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Charles Hawtrey

Star of the 'Carry On' films
Charles Hawtrey

George Frederick Joffre Hartree




Monday 30 Nov 1914


27 Oct 1988

Charles Hawtrey
Bio Details

Full name

George Frederick Joffre Hartree





Date of birth

Monday 30 Nov 1914

Birth place

Hounslow, Greater London, England

Date of death:

27 Oct 1988

Place of death

Deal, Kent, England

Cause of death

peripheral vascular disease




Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, London, England, United Kingdom

Family Facts & Fictions

For many years Charles told people he was the son of comedy actor Sir Charles Hawtrey, and was often billed as Charles Hawtrey Jnr.  He was also encouraged by his mother to believe he was the illegitimate son of Rolls-Royce founder Sir Henry Royce.  However, both of these were a complete fabrication, his father in fact being a working class engineer from Hounslow.

Forbidden lovers

Hawtrey was much more open about his homosexuality than his friend Kenneth Williams.  In his diaries, Williams said of his friend 'He could sit in a bar and pick up sailors.  I couldn't do that'.  Charles indulged his tastes with a fair disregard for the laws banning homosexuality up until 1980.

Gender confusion

For many years Hawtrey appeared in musical theatre as his alter ego Charlotte Tree.  He was an extremely convincing female impersonator, with his delicate frame and high voice.  At the ends of performances he would remove his wig, much to the shock and confusion of the audience.

Charles Hawtrey Siblings

Jack Hartree


Partners of 
Charles Hawtrey


Charles Hawtrey Family

Charles Hawtrey's parents:

Charles Hawtrey's father was William Hartree Charles Hawtrey's mother was Alice Hartree

Charles Hawtrey's siblings:

Charles Hawtrey's brother is Jack Hartree

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