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Spike Lee
Partners of 
Spike Lee

Director of such films as 'Do The Right Thing' & 
'Malcolm X'
Spike Lee

Shelton Jackson Lee




Wednesday 20 Mar 1957

Spike Lee
Bio Details

Spike Lee Siblings

Chris Lee


David Lee


Joie Lee


Cinqué Lee


Arnold Lee


other parent: Susan Lee

Partners of 
Spike Lee

Tonya Lewis Lee


2 children together


Spike Lee Children

Satchel Lee

born 1994, age 23 (approx.)
with Tonya Lewis Lee

Jackson Lee

born 1997, age 21 (approx.)
with Tonya Lewis Lee

Spike Lee Partner(s) Other Children


Spike Lee Family

Spike Lee's parents:

Spike Lee's father is Bill Lee Spike Lee's mother was Jacquelyn Carroll Lee Spike Lee's step-mother is Susan Lee

Spike Lee's children:

Spike Lee's daughter is Satchel Lee Spike Lee's son is Jackson Lee

Spike Lee's current partners:

Spike Lee's wife is Tonya Lewis Lee

Spike Lee's siblings:

Spike Lee's brother was Chris Lee Spike Lee's brother is David Lee Spike Lee's sister is Joie Lee Spike Lee's brother is Cinqué Lee Spike Lee's half-brother is Arnold Lee

Spike Lee's grandparents:

Spike Lee's grandfather was Richard J. Shelton Spike Lee's grandmother was Zimmie Reva Shelton

Spike Lee's great grandparents:

Spike Lee's great grandfather was Phillip Jackson Spike Lee's great grandmother was Anna R. Jackson   Spike Lee's great great grandfather was Mars Jackson Spike Lee's great great grandmother was Lucinda Jackson   Spike Lee's 3x great grandfather was Wilson Griswold Spike Lee's 3x great grandmother was Matilda Griswold   Spike Lee's 4x great grandfather was Samuel Griswold

Spike Lee's in laws:

Spike Lee's father in law is George Lewis Spike Lee's mother in law is Lillian Glenn Lewis

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