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Partner of 
Emma Spears
Emma Spears

Partners of 
Emma Spears

June Austin Spears


5 children together

Emma Spears
Bio Details

Full name

Emma Jean Spears

Maiden name

Emma Jean Forbes





Date of birth

Thursday 02 Aug 1934

Date of death:

29 May 1966

Cause of death

Suicide, shot herself

Emma Spears

Emma Jean Spears




Thursday 02 Aug 1934


29 May 1966

Emma Spears Partner(s) Other Children

Emma Spears Children

John Spears

with June Austin Spears

Jamie Spears

born 1952, age 66 (approx.)
with June Austin Spears

Austin Spears

born 1957, died 1957, age 3 days
with June Austin Spears

Willie Spears

born 1958, age 60 (approx.)
with June Austin Spears

June Spears

born 1963, age 55 (approx.)
with June Austin Spears


Emma Spears Family

Emma Spears's parents:

Emma Spears's father was William Nelson Forbes Emma Spears's mother was Lexie Forbes

Emma Spears's children:

Emma Spears's son is John Spears Emma Spears's son is Jamie Spears Emma Spears's son was Austin Spears Emma Spears's son is Willie Spears Emma Spears's son is June Spears

Emma Spears's current partners:

Emma Spears's husband was June Austin Spears

Emma Spears's grandchildren:

Emma Spears's granddaughter is Britney Spears Emma Spears's grandson is Bryan Spears Emma Spears's granddaughter is Jamie Lynn Spears

Emma Spears's great grandchildren:

Emma Spears's great granddaughter is Sophia Spears Emma Spears's great grandson is Sean Federline Emma Spears's great grandson is Jayden Federline Emma Spears's great granddaughter is Maddie Briann Aldridge

Emma Spears's in laws:

Emma Spears's father in law was June Becker Spears Emma Spears's mother in law was Nova Spears

Emma Spears's former in laws:

Emma Spears's former daughter in law is Lynne Spears