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Partners of 
Sorcha Cusack
Sorcha Cusack

Partners of 
Sorcha Cusack

Nigel Cooke


2 children together

2009 (ca.)

Sorcha Cusack
Bio Details

Full name

Sorcha Cusack





Date of birth

Saturday 09 Apr 1949

Birth place

Dublin, Ireland




Played the mother of Brad Pit's character in the movie Snatch
Has worked only once with her sisters and father in Three Sisters.  She said "It was an experience never to be repeated...Family is family and work is work. When you are working you become a different person, but family always wants you to behave in a different way. It was very fraught, but very fruitful."

Sorcha Cusack Siblings

Paul Cusack


Sinead Cusack


Niamh Cusack


Padraig Cusack


Catherine Cusack


other parent: Mary Cusack

Casualty Actress
Member of the Cusack Acting Dynasty
Sorcha Cusack

Sorcha Cusack




Saturday 09 Apr 1949

Sorcha Cusack Partner(s) Other Children

Sorcha Cusack Children

Liam Cooke

born 1984, age 34 (approx.)
with Nigel Cooke

Son of Actress Sorchas Cusack Grandson of Actor Cyril Cusack

Beth Cooke

born 1996, age 22 (approx.)
with Nigel Cooke

Daughter of Actress Sorcha Cusack, Niece of Sinead Cusack Grabddaughter of Cyril Cusack


Sorcha Cusack Family

Sorcha Cusack's parents:

Sorcha Cusack's father was Cyril Cusack Sorcha Cusack's mother was Maureen Cusack

Sorcha Cusack's former step-parents:

Sorcha Cusack's former step-mother was Mary Cusack

Sorcha Cusack's children:

Sorcha Cusack's son is Liam Cooke Sorcha Cusack's daughter is Beth Cooke

Sorcha Cusack's current partners:

Sorcha Cusack's husband is Nigel Cooke

Sorcha Cusack's siblings:

Sorcha Cusack's sister is Sinead Cusack Sorcha Cusack's sister is Niamh Cusack Sorcha Cusack's half-sister is Catherine Cusack Sorcha Cusack's brother is Paul Cusack Sorcha Cusack's brother is Padraig Cusack

Sorcha Cusack's nieces and nephews:

Sorcha Cusack's nephew is Max Irons Sorcha Cusack's nephew is Richard Boyd Barrett Sorcha Cusack's nephew is Samuel Irons Sorcha Cusack's nephew is Calam Finbar Sorcha Cusack's niece is Megan Cusack Sorcha Cusack's niece is Kitty Cusack

Sorcha Cusack's grandparents:

Sorcha Cusack's grandfather was James Cusack Sorcha Cusack's grandmother was Alice Cusack

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