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Partners of 
Sinead Cusack
Sinead Cusack

Partners of 
Sinead Cusack

Jeremy Irons


2 children together

28 Mar 1978

Vincent Dowling


1 child together

affair from circa 1967

George Best


Sinead Cusack
Bio Details

Full name

Jane Moira Cusack





Date of birth

Wednesday 18 Feb 1948

Birth place

Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland

Sinead Cusack Siblings

Paul Cusack


Sorcha Cusack


Niamh Cusack


Padraig Cusack


Catherine Cusack


other parent: Mary Cusack

Critically Acclaimed Irish Actress
Wife of Acclaimed Actor Jeremy Irons
Sinead Cusack

Jane Moira Cusack




Wednesday 18 Feb 1948

Sinead Cusack Partner(s) Other Children

Sinead Cusack Children

Richard Boyd Barrett

born 1967, age 51 (approx.)
with Vincent Dowling

Irish Politican First Son of Actress Sinead Cusack

Samuel Irons

born 1978, age 39
with Jeremy Irons

Son of Jeremy Irons & Sinead Cusack Grandson of Actor Cyril Cusack

Max Irons

born 1985, age 32
with Jeremy Irons

British Actor Son of Actors Jeremy Irons & Sinead Cusack Grandson of Irish Actor Cyril Cusack


Sinead Cusack Family

Sinead Cusack's parents:

Sinead Cusack's father was Cyril Cusack Sinead Cusack's mother was Maureen Cusack

Sinead Cusack's former step-parents:

Sinead Cusack's former step-mother was Mary Cusack

Sinead Cusack's children:

Sinead Cusack's son is Max Irons Sinead Cusack's son is Richard Boyd Barrett Sinead Cusack's son is Samuel Irons

Sinead Cusack's current partners:

Sinead Cusack's husband is Jeremy Irons

Sinead Cusack's former partners:

Sinead Cusack dated George Best Sinead Cusack had an affair with Vincent Dowling

Sinead Cusack's siblings:

Sinead Cusack's sister is Sorcha Cusack Sinead Cusack's sister is Niamh Cusack Sinead Cusack's half-sister is Catherine Cusack Sinead Cusack's brother is Paul Cusack Sinead Cusack's brother is Padraig Cusack

Sinead Cusack's nieces and nephews:

Sinead Cusack's nephew is Liam Cooke Sinead Cusack's niece is Beth Cooke Sinead Cusack's nephew is Calam Finbar Sinead Cusack's niece is Megan Cusack Sinead Cusack's niece is Kitty Cusack

Sinead Cusack's grandparents:

Sinead Cusack's grandfather was James Cusack Sinead Cusack's grandmother was Alice Cusack

Sinead Cusack's in laws:

Sinead Cusack's father in law was Paul Irons Sinead Cusack's mother in law was Barbara Irons Sinead Cusack's brother in law is Chris Irons Sinead Cusack's sister in law is Felicty Irons

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