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Max Irons
Partners of 
Max Irons

British Actor
Son of Actors Jeremy Irons & Sinead Cusack
Grandson of Irish Actor Cyril Cusack
Max Irons

Maximillian Paul Diarmuid Irons




Thursday 17 Oct 1985

Max Irons
Bio Details

Full name

Maximillian Paul Diarmuid Irons





Date of birth

Thursday 17 Oct 1985

Birth place

Camden, London, England, UK






The Dragon School, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, England, United Kingdom (Finished 2008)

Bryanston School, Blandford Forum, Dorset, England, United Kingdom

Was expelled from boarding school for getting caught "in flagrante' with his girlfriend just before sitting his A levels.

Max Irons Siblings

Richard Boyd Barrett


other parent: Vincent Dowling

Samuel Irons


Partners of 
Max Irons

Sophie Pera


relationship began about 2014

Emily Browning


dated from circa 2011
until 2012

Saoirse Ronan

Allegedly Dated


Max Irons Family

Max Irons's parents:

Max Irons's father is Jeremy Irons Max Irons's mother is Sinead Cusack Max Irons's step-mother is Julie Hallam

Max Irons's current partners:

Max Irons has a relationship with Sophie Pera

Max Irons's former partners:

Max Irons dated Emily Browning Max Irons allegedly dated Saoirse Ronan

Max Irons's siblings:

Max Irons's half-brother is Richard Boyd Barrett Max Irons's brother is Samuel Irons

Max Irons's grandparents:

Max Irons's grandfather was Cyril Cusack Max Irons's grandmother was Maureen Cusack Max Irons's grandfather was Paul Irons Max Irons's grandmother was Barbara Irons

Max Irons's great grandparents:

Max Irons's great grandfather was James Cusack Max Irons's great grandmother was Alice Cusack

Max Irons's former step-grandparents:

Max Irons's former step-grandmother was Mary Cusack

Max Irons's uncles and aunts:

Max Irons's aunt is Sorcha Cusack Max Irons's aunt is Niamh Cusack Max Irons's uncle-by-marriage is Finbar Lynch Max Irons's aunt is Catherine Cusack Max Irons's uncle is Chris Irons Max Irons's aunt is Felicty Irons Max Irons's uncle is Paul Cusack Max Irons's aunt-by-marriage is Elma Cusack Max Irons's uncle-by-marriage is Nigel Cooke Max Irons's uncle is Padraig Cusack Max Irons's aunt-by-marriage is Denise Cusack Max Irons's uncle-by-marriage is Alex Palmer

Max Irons's cousins:

Max Irons's cousin is Liam Cooke Max Irons's cousin is Beth Cooke Max Irons's cousin is Calam Finbar Max Irons's cousin is Megan Cusack Max Irons's cousin is Kitty Cusack