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Aaron Paul
Partners of 
Aaron Paul

AKA Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad
Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul Sturtevant




Monday 27 Aug 1979

Aaron Paul
Bio Details

Full name

Aaron Paul Sturtevant





Date of birth

Monday 27 Aug 1979

Birth place

Idaho, USA




Centennial High School, Boie, Idaho, United States (Finished 1996)

About Breaking Bad, Aaron said “I love Jesse.  I loved playing him, I miss him. My favourite job hands down – and I think I can speak for everyone involved – was Breaking Bad. Everyone involved, from top to bottom, we were all running to work. We couldn’t wait to get there, we were all very proud to be a part of it. It was so good.”
Vince Gilligan originally planned to kill Jesse Pinkman off at the end of series one.  After seeing how well Aaron and Bryan Cranston acted together and the popularity of the character Jesse, he decided to keep him alive.
Won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Support Actor in a Drama Series 3 times (2010, 2012, 2014).
He once went outside to talk to a busload of tourists who had stopped outside his home.
When he met David Beckham he asked him if they could take a selfie to send to his wife to make her jealous.  Beckham replied "only if I can do the same'.

Aaron Paul Siblings

Danielle Hart


Partners of 
Aaron Paul

Lauren Parsekian


1 child together

26 May 2013

Jessica Lowndes


dated from circa 2009
until circa 2010

Tamara Feldman


relationship began 2003
until 2008

Samaire Armstrong


dated from about 2001
until about 2001

Aaron Paul Children

Story Paul

born 2018, age 5 months (approx.)
with Lauren Parsekian

Aaron Paul Partner(s) Other Children



$600.00 (US Dollar)

Earned $600 per episode as Scott on Big Love

Aaron Paul Family

Aaron Paul's parents:

Aaron Paul's father is Robert Sturtevant Aaron Paul's mother is Darla Sturtevant

Aaron Paul's children:

Aaron Paul's daughter is Story Paul

Aaron Paul's current partners:

Aaron Paul's wife is Lauren Parsekian

Aaron Paul's former partners:

Aaron Paul dated Jessica Lowndes Aaron Paul had a relationship with Tamara Feldman Aaron Paul dated Samaire Armstrong

Aaron Paul's siblings:

Aaron Paul's sister is Danielle Hart

Aaron Paul's in laws:

Aaron Paul's father in law is Thomas Parsekian Aaron Paul's mother in law is Debra Kelly Aaron Paul's brother in law is Liam Parsekian Aaron Paul's sister in law is Brooke Parsekian

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