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Partners of 
Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis

Partners of 
Leona Lewis

Dennis Jauch


engaged Aug 2018

Liam Payne

Allegedly Dated

allegedly dated from about Sep 2012
until about Sep 2012

Lou Al-Chama


relationship began about 1994
until about Jun 2010

Leona Lewis
Bio Details

Leona Lewis Siblings

Kyle Lewis


X Factor Winner
Leona Lewis

Leona Louise Lewis




Wednesday 03 Apr 1985


Leona Lewis Family

Leona Lewis's parents:

Leona Lewis's father is Joe Josiah Leona Lewis's mother is Maria Lewis

Leona Lewis's current partners:

Leona Lewis is the fiance of Dennis Jauch

Leona Lewis's former partners:

Leona Lewis allegedly dated Liam Payne Leona Lewis had a relationship with Lou Al-Chama

Leona Lewis's siblings:

Leona Lewis's brother is Kyle Lewis

Leona Lewis's grandparents:

Leona Lewis's grandmother was Laurette Josiah

Leona Lewis's uncles and aunts:

Leona Lewis's uncle is Dorian Josiah Leona Lewis's uncle is Aubrey Josiah Leona Lewis's aunt-by-marriage is Beckie Josiah

Leona Lewis's cousins:

Leona Lewis's cousin is Billie Josiah

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