Married Relationship facts

Married 1984 - 1991

John Corbett

Hon. John Polson Cameron Corbett




Saturday 08 Mar 1947

Other Partners

Claire Corbett



Jane Corbett


2 children together

divorce before 1984

Professional Partners

John Corbett Siblings

Sarah Maclean


Other Partners

John Brown


relationship began 1991

Professional Partners


Sandie Corbett

Baroness Sandrew Filomena Corbett

His Other Children

Jason Corbett

born 1972, age 46
with Jane Corbett

Joanna Ross

born 1974, age 44
with Jane Corbett

Sophie Dinning

born 1980, age 38 (approx.)
step-child with Claire Corbett

Children Together

Jonathan Corbett

born 1985, age 33

Soay Corbett

born 1988, age 30

Her Other Children

John Corbett
Bio Details

Full name

Hon. John Polson Cameron Corbett

Also known as

Baron John Corbett

John Corbett, 4th Baron Rowallan

Lord Rowallan

Lord Johnnie Corbett





Date of birth

Saturday 08 Mar 1947


Chartered Surveyor


Chairman (1989 (ca.))

Company Director (1994 (ca.))


Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom

Hereditary Peer

When John Corbett was 30, he inherited Rowallan Castle and the Rowallan peerage from his Grandfather after his father, Arthur Corbett, was disinherited over his marriage to Britain's first transexuals, April Ashley.


John Corbett Family

John Corbett's parents:

John Corbett's father was Arthur Corbett John Corbett's mother is Eleanor Cardiff

John Corbett's former step-parents:

John Corbett's former step-mother is April Ashley MBE

John Corbett's children:

John Corbett's son is Jason Corbett John Corbett's daughter is Joanna Ross John Corbett's son is Jonathan Corbett John Corbett's daughter is Soay Corbett John Corbett's step-daughter is Sophie Dinning

John Corbett's current partners:

John Corbett's wife is Claire Corbett

John Corbett's former partners:

John Corbett's former wife is Sandie Corbett John Corbett's former wife is Jane Corbett

John Corbett's siblings:

John Corbett's sibling is Sarah Maclean

John Corbett's nieces and nephews:

John Corbett's niece is Iona Legge-Bourke

John Corbett's grand nieces and grand nephews:

John Corbett's great nephew is Lochy Legge-Bourke John Corbett's great niece is Serena Legge-Bourke

John Corbett's former step-grandparents:

John Corbett's former step-grandfather was Fred Jamieson John Corbett's former step-grandmother is Ada Cartmell John Corbett's former step-grandfather is Bernie Cartmell

John Corbett's grandchildren:

John Corbett's grandson is Alexander Corbett John Corbett's grandson is Jack Corbett John Corbett's grandson is Archie Ross

John Corbett's in laws:

John Corbett's daughter in law is Anna Corbett

John Corbett's former in laws:

John Corbett's former father in law is William Bryson

Sandie Corbett
Bio Details

Full name

Baroness Sandrew Filomena Corbett

Maiden name

Sandrew Bryson




Sandie Corbett Family

Sandie Corbett's parents:

Sandie Corbett's father is William Bryson

Sandie Corbett's children:

Sandie Corbett's son is Jonathan Corbett Sandie Corbett's daughter is Soay Corbett

Sandie Corbett's current partners:

Sandie Corbett has a relationship with John Brown

Sandie Corbett's former partners:

Sandie Corbett's former husband is John Corbett

Sandie Corbett's former in laws:

Sandie Corbett's former father in law was Arthur Corbett Sandie Corbett's former mother in law is Eleanor Cardiff Sandie Corbett's former sibling in law is Sarah Maclean