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Partners of 
Alison Doody
Alison Doody

Partners of 
Alison Doody

Tadhg Geary

Broken Engagement

engaged from Oct 2014
until about Jul 2015

Douglas De Jager


relationship began about 2011

Gavin O'Reilly


2 children together

married 1994
divorce 2006

Alison Doody
Bio Details

Full name

Alison Doody





Date of birth

Friday 11 Nov 1966

Birth place

Dublin, Ireland





Mount Anville Secondary School, Goatstown, Dublin, Ireland

Actress and Model
Bond Girl: Jenny Flex in A View To A Kill
Alison Doody

Alison Doody




Friday 11 Nov 1966

Alison Doody Partner(s) Other Children

Alison Doody Children

Alanna O'Reilly

born 1996, age 22 (approx.)
with Gavin O'Reilly

Lauren O'Reilly

born 1999, age 19 (approx.)
with Gavin O'Reilly


Alison Doody Family

Alison Doody's parents:

Alison Doody's father is Patrick Doody Alison Doody's mother is Joan Doody

Alison Doody's children:

Alison Doody's daughter is Alanna O'Reilly Alison Doody's daughter is Lauren O'Reilly

Alison Doody's current partners:

Alison Doody had a relationship with Douglas De Jager

Alison Doody's former partners:

Alison Doody is the former fiance of Tadhg Geary Alison Doody's former husband is Gavin O'Reilly

Alison Doody's former in laws:

Alison Doody's former step-grandfather in law was John P Goulandris Alison Doody's former father in law is Sir Tony O'Reilly Alison Doody's former mother in law is Susan O'Reilly Alison Doody's former step-mother in law is Chryss O'Reilly Lady O'Reilly Alison Doody's former step-grandmother in law is Marie Goulandris Alison Doody's former grandfather in law was John O'Reilly Alison Doody's former grandmother in law was Aileen O'Reilly Alison Doody's former sister in law was Susan Wildman Alison Doody's former brother in law is Cameron O'Reilly Alison Doody's former sister in law is Justine O'Reilly Alison Doody's former sister in law is Caroline Dempsey Alison Doody's former brother in law is Tony O'Reilly jr

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