Divorced Relationship facts

First Met 1991

It is reported she caught his attention after sending him a lace bra in the post.

Married 1993

Divorce 2003

Dylan McKay in Beverly Hills, 90210
Fred Andrews in Riverdale
Luke Perry

Coy Luther Perry III




Tuesday 11 Oct 1966


4 Mar 2019

Other Partners

Renee Zellweger

Rumoured Romance

allegedly dating from about 2007
until about 2007

Kelly Preston

Rumoured Romance

allegedly dating from about 1990
until about 1990

Yasmine Bleeth


dated from about 1987
until about 1988

Wendy Madison Bauer


Professional Partners

Luke Perry Siblings

Tom Perry


Amy Coder


Emily Bennett


step parent: Steve Bennett

Other Partners

Professional Partners


Minnie Sharp

Rachel Sharp

His Other Children

Children Together

Nate Coy

born 1997, age 22 (approx.)

Sophie Perry

born 2000, age 19 (approx.)

Her Other Children

Luke Perry
Bio Details

Full name

Coy Luther Perry III





Date of birth

Tuesday 11 Oct 1966

Birth place

Mansfield, Ohio, USA

Date of death:

4 Mar 2019

Place of death

Burbank, California, USA

Cause of death

Complications following a stroke




Fredericktown High School, Fredericktown, Mansfield, Ohio, United States

Got his first acting break as Ned Bates in the US daytime TV drama Loving, followed by a role in the soap opera Another World.
Became a member of the original cast of the very popular 1990s teen hit US TV show Beverley Hills, 90210 in 19089 and was catapulted into fame and heartthrob status.
After 10 years in Beverly Hills, 90210, Luke took on a variety of guest appearances, the most table being Rev. Jeremiah Cloutier in ten episodes of Oz.


Luke Perry Family

Luke Perry's parents:

Luke Perry's father was Coy Perry Jr. Luke Perry's mother is Ann Bennett Luke Perry's step-father is Steve Bennett

Luke Perry's children:

Luke Perry's son is Nate Coy Luke Perry's daughter is Sophie Perry

Luke Perry's current partners:

Luke Perry was the fiance of Wendy Madison Bauer

Luke Perry's former partners:

Luke Perry was rumoured to had a romance with Renee Zellweger Luke Perry was rumoured to had a romance with Kelly Preston Luke Perry's former wife is Minnie Sharp Luke Perry dated Yasmine Bleeth

Luke Perry's siblings:

Luke Perry's brother is Tom Perry Luke Perry's sister is Amy Coder Luke Perry's step-sister is Emily Bennett

Luke Perry's former in laws:

Luke Perry's former father in law was Alan Sharp

Minnie Sharp
Bio Details

Full name

Rachel Sharp




Minnie Sharp Family

Minnie Sharp's parents:

Minnie Sharp's father was Alan Sharp

Minnie Sharp's children:

Minnie Sharp's son is Nate Coy Minnie Sharp's daughter is Sophie Perry

Minnie Sharp's former partners:

Minnie Sharp's former husband was Luke Perry

Minnie Sharp's former in laws:

Minnie Sharp's former father in law was Coy Perry Jr. Minnie Sharp's former mother in law is Ann Bennett Minnie Sharp's former step-father in law is Steve Bennett Minnie Sharp's former brother in law is Tom Perry Minnie Sharp's former sister in law is Amy Coder Minnie Sharp's former step-sister in law is Emily Bennett