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Partners of 
Priscilla Zuckerberg
Priscilla Zuckerberg

Partners of 
Priscilla Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg


2 children together

19 May 2012

Priscilla Zuckerberg
Bio Details

Full name

Dr. Priscilla Zuckerberg

Maiden name

Priscilla Chan




33 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Braintree, Massachusetts, USA




Chief Executive Officer



Quincy High School, Boston, United States (Finished 2003)

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States (2003 - 2007)

University of California, San Francisco, California, United States (2008)

In December 2015 the Zuckerberg's announced they would donate 99% of their wealth to good causes during their lifetime through a new organisation called the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.  The latter is not a charity but a privately owned company which will reportedly allow the Zuckerberg's to go beyond making philanthropic grants. It's mission is to "advance human potential and promote equality."
The co founder and CEO of a nonprofit private school in East Palo Alto called The Primary School.

Priscilla Zuckerberg Siblings

Elaine Chan


Michelle Chan


Mark Zuckerberg's Wife
Priscilla Zuckerberg

Dr. Priscilla Zuckerberg


33 (approx.)



Priscilla Zuckerberg Partner(s) Other Children

Priscilla Zuckerberg Children

Max Chan Zuckerberg

born 2015, age 2
with Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg's Daughter

August Zuckerberg

born 2017, age 1 (approx.)
with Mark Zuckerberg


Priscilla Zuckerberg Family

Priscilla Zuckerberg's parents:

Priscilla Zuckerberg's father is Dennis Chan Priscilla Zuckerberg's mother is Yvonne Chan

Priscilla Zuckerberg's children:

Priscilla Zuckerberg's daughter is Max Chan Zuckerberg Priscilla Zuckerberg's daughter is August Zuckerberg

Priscilla Zuckerberg's current partners:

Priscilla Zuckerberg's husband is Mark Zuckerberg

Priscilla Zuckerberg's siblings:

Priscilla Zuckerberg's sister is Elaine Chan Priscilla Zuckerberg's sister is Michelle Chan

Priscilla Zuckerberg's in laws:

Priscilla Zuckerberg's father in law is Dr Edward Zuckerberg Priscilla Zuckerberg's mother in law is Karen Zuckerberg Priscilla Zuckerberg's grandfather in law is Marco Kempner Priscilla Zuckerberg's sister in law is Randi Tworetzky Priscilla Zuckerberg's brother in law-by-marriage is Brent Tworetzky Priscilla Zuckerberg's sister in law is Donna Schmidt Priscilla Zuckerberg's brother in law-by-marriage is Harry Schmidt Priscilla Zuckerberg's sister in law is Arielle Zuckerberg