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Eric Pinker
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Eric Pinker

Eric Pinker

Eric Seabrook Pinker

Eric Pinker
Bio Details

Full name

Eric Seabrook Pinker




Literary Agent


Eric Seabrook Pinker ran his family literary agency  until the company had to be dissolved largely due to his embezzlements, for which he servied time in Sing Sing Priso

Partners of 
Eric Pinker

Mabel Bennett


19 Jun 1927

Eric Pinker Children

Constance Bennett

born 1904, died 1965, age 60
step-child with Mabel Bennett

American Actress One of the Bennett Sisters

Barbara Bennett

born 1906, died 1958, age 51
step-child with Mabel Bennett

American Actress

Joan Bennett

born 1910, died 1990, age 80
step-child with Mabel Bennett

American Actress

Eric Pinker Partner(s) Other Children


Eric Pinker Family

Eric Pinker's parents:

Eric Pinker's father is James Pinker

Eric Pinker's children:

Eric Pinker's step-daughter was Joan Bennett Eric Pinker's step-daughter was Constance Bennett Eric Pinker's step-daughter was Barbara Bennett

Eric Pinker's current partners:

Eric Pinker's wife was Mabel Bennett

Eric Pinker's in laws:

Eric Pinker's father in law was Lewis Morrison Eric Pinker's mother in law was Rose Morrison Eric Pinker's step-mother in law was Florence Morrison Eric Pinker's grandfather in law was William Wood Eric Pinker's grandmother in law was Sarah Wood Eric Pinker's sister in law was Rosabel Morrison Eric Pinker's brother in law was Victor Morrison