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Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican

Partners of 
Sarah Millican

Gary Delaney


28 Dec 2013

Andrew Millican


married 1997
divorce 21 Mar 2004

Sarah Millican
Bio Details

Full name

Sarah Jane Millican

Maiden name

Sarah Jane King





Date of birth

Thursday 29 May 1975

Birth place

South Shields, Tyne and Wear, England

The funny side of misery...

In 2004 Sarah's husband Andrew told her that he no longer loved her and wanted a divorce.  This was totally out of the blue for Sarah, and left her distraught.  However, it also gave her the boost she needed to write and perform, and eventually led to here winning the 2008 Best Newcomer Award for her debut solo show 'Sarah Millican’s Not Nice' at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  Not surprisingly, large portions of her set were about the divorce.

Inspirational Women

Sarah was a fan of the late Linda Smith, another pioneering female stand-up comic.  The day Sarah and her ex-husband sold their house, Sarah walked away, and straight into a gig of Linda's.  The experience helped Sarah realise that 'laughter is the most important thing....and can take you out of the life that you have'.

Sarah Millican Siblings

Victoria King


Stand-up Comedian
Sarah Millican

Sarah Jane Millican




Thursday 29 May 1975


Sarah Millican Family

Sarah Millican's parents:

Sarah Millican's father is Philip King Sarah Millican's mother is Valerie King

Sarah Millican's current partners:

Sarah Millican's husband is Gary Delaney

Sarah Millican's former partners:

Sarah Millican's former husband is Andrew Millican

Sarah Millican's siblings:

Sarah Millican's sister is Victoria King

Sarah Millican's grandparents:

Sarah Millican's grandfather was James Prince Sarah Millican's grandmother was Gladys Prince Sarah Millican's grandfather was Arthur King Sarah Millican's grandmother was Ann King

Sarah Millican's great grandparents:

Sarah Millican's great grandfather was William George Hoult Sarah Millican's great grandmother was Catherine Hoult Sarah Millican's great grandfather was Herbert King Sarah Millican's great grandmother was Isabella King   Sarah Millican's great great grandfather was William Ayres Hoult Sarah Millican's great great grandmother was Florence Hoult Sarah Millican's great great grandfather was Herbert King Sarah Millican's great great grandmother was Eliza Ann King   Sarah Millican's 3x great grandfather was James Hoult Sarah Millican's 3x great grandmother was Mary Anne Hoult

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