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Partner of 
Ethel Bell
Ethel Bell

Partners of 
Ethel Bell

Andrew Harvey Bell


1 child together

Ethel Bell
Bio Details

Full name

Ethel Josephine Bell

Maiden name

Ethel Josephine Foote




110 (presumed dead)

Date of birth

Monday 24 Mar 1890

Birth place

Northumberland, Ontario, Canada


Ethel Bell

Ethel Josephine Bell


110 (presumed dead)


Monday 24 Mar 1890


Ethel Bell Partner(s) Other Children

Ethel Bell Children

Eileen Gale

born 1920, deceased, age 98
with Andrew Harvey Bell


Ethel Bell Family

Ethel Bell's parents:

Ethel Bell's father was William Foote Ethel Bell's mother was Carmina Foote

Ethel Bell's children:

Ethel Bell's daughter was Eileen Gale

Ethel Bell's former partners:

Ethel Bell's former husband was Andrew Harvey Bell

Ethel Bell's grandparents:

Ethel Bell's grandfather was Joseph Blackman McDonald Ethel Bell's grandmother was Emma McDonald

Ethel Bell's great grandparents:

Ethel Bell's great grandfather was Alexander McDonald Ethel Bell's great grandmother was Charlotte McDonald   Ethel Bell's great great grandfather was James Gray

Ethel Bell's grandchildren:

Ethel Bell's granddaughter is Sandra McAdams

Ethel Bell's great grandchildren:

Ethel Bell's great granddaughter is Rachel McAdams Ethel Bell's great granddaughter is Kayleen McAdams Ethel Bell's great grandson is Daniel McAdams

Ethel Bell's former in laws:

Ethel Bell's former son in law was Harold Gale