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Ben Elton
Partner of 
Ben Elton

80's alternative comedian and
writer of 'The Young Ones' & 'Blackadder'
Ben Elton

Benjamin Charles Elton




Sunday 03 May 1959

Partners of 
Ben Elton

Sophie Elton


3 children together


Ben Elton Children

Bert Elton

born 1999, age 19 (approx.)
with Sophie Elton

Lottie Elton

born 1999, age 19 (approx.)
with Sophie Elton

Fred Elton

born 2001, age 17 (approx.)
with Sophie Elton

Ben Elton Partner(s) Other Children


Ben Elton Family

Ben Elton's parents:

Ben Elton's father is Prof. Lewis Elton Ben Elton's mother is Mary Elton

Ben Elton's children:

Ben Elton's son is Bert Elton Ben Elton's daughter is Lottie Elton Ben Elton's son is Fred Elton

Ben Elton's current partners:

Ben Elton's wife is Sophie Elton

Ben Elton's grandparents:

Ben Elton's grandfather was Victor Ehrenberg Ben Elton's grandmother was Eva Ehrenberg

Ben Elton's uncles and aunts:

Ben Elton's uncle was Sir Geoffrey Elton Ben Elton's aunt-by-marriage is Sheila Lambert

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