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Ivan Followill
Partner of 
Ivan Followill

Father of Kings of Leon Brothers Caleb, Nathan & Jared
Ivan Followill

Ivan Leon Followill

Ivan Followill
Bio Details

Full name

Ivan Leon Followill





When his boys had parties Ivan would microwave jalapeno peppers to mark the end of the night, the fumes burned people's eyes until they left the house.

Partners of 
Ivan Followill

Betty-Ann Followill


3 children together

married 1977
divorce 1997

Ivan Followill Children

Nathan Followill

born 1979, age 39 (approx.)
with Betty-Ann Followill

The Kings of Leon Drummer

Caleb Followill

born 1982, age 36
with Betty-Ann Followill

Kings of Leon Frontman

Jared Followill

born 1986, age 32 (approx.)
with Betty-Ann Followill

Kings of Leon Guitarist

Ivan Followill Partner(s) Other Children


Ivan Followill Family

Ivan Followill's parents:

Ivan Followill's father was Leon Followill

Ivan Followill's children:

Ivan Followill's son is Nathan Followill Ivan Followill's son is Caleb Followill Ivan Followill's son is Jared Followill

Ivan Followill's former partners:

Ivan Followill's former wife is Betty-Ann Followill

Ivan Followill's nieces and nephews:

Ivan Followill's nephew is Matthew Followill

Ivan Followill's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Ivan Followill's great nephew is Knox Followill

Ivan Followill's grandchildren:

Ivan Followill's granddaughter is Violet Followill Ivan Followill's granddaughter is Dixie Pearl Followill

Ivan Followill's in laws:

Ivan Followill's daughter in law is Jessie Baylin Ivan Followill's daughter in law is Lily Aldridge Ivan Followill's daughter in law is Martha Patterson