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Nathan Followill
Partners of 
Nathan Followill

The Kings of Leon Drummer
Nathan Followill

Ivan Nathan Followill


39 (approx.)


Jun 1979

Nathan Followill
Bio Details

Full name

Ivan Nathan Followill




39 (approx.)

Date of birth

Jun 1979

Birth place

Tennessee, USA



Brit Awards:

Received 2 awards in 2009 for Best International Group and Best International album

Grammy Awards:

Received 2 in 2009 for Record of the year and Best Rock Performance and one in 2009, again for Best Rock Performance.
All members Kings of Leon go by their middle names
In 2003 NME considered the Kings of Leon's debut Album, Youth and Young Manhood, to be one of the best Debut albums in the UK for 10 years.
Once had a ping pong match with Prince Harry back stage at the O2 arena in London.  Nathan won!

Nathan Followill Siblings

Caleb Followill


Jared Followill


Partners of 
Nathan Followill

Jessie Baylin


1 child together

Nov 2009

Nathan Followill Children

Violet Followill

born 2012, age 5
with Jessie Baylin

Daughter of Kings of Leon Drummer Nathan Followill

Nathan Followill Partner(s) Other Children


Nathan Followill Family

Nathan Followill's parents:

Nathan Followill's father is Ivan Followill Nathan Followill's mother is Betty-Ann Followill

Nathan Followill's children:

Nathan Followill's daughter is Violet Followill

Nathan Followill's current partners:

Nathan Followill's wife is Jessie Baylin

Nathan Followill's siblings:

Nathan Followill's brother is Caleb Followill Nathan Followill's brother is Jared Followill

Nathan Followill's nieces and nephews:

Nathan Followill's niece is Dixie Pearl Followill

Nathan Followill's grandparents:

Nathan Followill's grandfather was Leon Followill

Nathan Followill's cousins:

Nathan Followill's cousin is Matthew Followill

Nathan Followill's first cousins once removed:

Nathan Followill's first cousin once removed is Knox Followill

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