Relationship Relationship facts

Relationship began about 1972

Until 1992

British actor who played Baldric in the BBC comedy Blackadder
Tony Robinson

Sir Anthony Robinson




Thursday 15 Aug 1946

Other Partners

Louise Hobbs


Jun 2011

Heledd Matthias


relationship began about 2000
until 2006

Teri Bramah


dated from 1992
until 1998

Bardy Robinson


married 1969
divorce 1973

Professional Partners


Other Partners

Professional Partners


Mary Shepherd

Mary Shepherd

His Other Children

Children Together

Laura Shepherd-Robinson

born 1979, age 39 (approx.)

Luke Shepherd-Robinson

born 1980, age 38 (approx.)

Her Other Children

Tony Robinson
Bio Details


Tony Robinson Family

Tony Robinson's parents:

Tony Robinson's father was Leslie Robinson Tony Robinson's mother was Phyllis Robinson

Tony Robinson's children:

Tony Robinson's daughter is Laura Shepherd-Robinson Tony Robinson's son is Luke Shepherd-Robinson

Tony Robinson's current partners:

Tony Robinson's wife is Louise Hobbs

Tony Robinson's former partners:

Tony Robinson had a relationship with Heledd Matthias Tony Robinson dated Teri Bramah Tony Robinson had a relationship with Mary Shepherd Tony Robinson's former wife is Bardy Robinson

Tony Robinson's grandparents:

Tony Robinson's grandfather was Horace Parrott Tony Robinson's grandmother was Mabel Parrott Tony Robinson's grandfather was John Robinson Tony Robinson's grandmother was Ellen Robinson

Tony Robinson's great grandparents:

Tony Robinson's great grandfather was Thomas William Parrott Tony Robinson's great grandfather was Francis Corderoy Tony Robinson's great grandmother was Julia Corderoy

Tony Robinson's grandchildren:

Tony Robinson's granddaughter is Holly Shepherd-Robinson Tony Robinson's granddaughter is Lyla Shepherd-Robinson

Tony Robinson's uncles and aunts:

Tony Robinson's uncle was Cyril Robinson Tony Robinson's aunt-by-marriage is Grace Robinson

Tony Robinson's cousins:

Tony Robinson's cousin is John Robinson Tony Robinson's cousin is Christopher Robinson Tony Robinson's cousin is Clifford Robinson Tony Robinson's cousin is Andrew Robinson

Tony Robinson's in laws:

Tony Robinson's mother in law is Pamela Hobbs Tony Robinson's daughter in law is Gemma Shepherd-Robinson

Mary Shepherd
Bio Details

Full name

Mary Shepherd




Mary Shepherd Family

Mary Shepherd's children:

Mary Shepherd's daughter is Laura Shepherd-Robinson Mary Shepherd's son is Luke Shepherd-Robinson

Mary Shepherd's former partners:

Mary Shepherd had a relationship with Tony Robinson

Mary Shepherd's grandchildren:

Mary Shepherd's granddaughter is Holly Shepherd-Robinson Mary Shepherd's granddaughter is Lyla Shepherd-Robinson

Mary Shepherd's in laws:

Mary Shepherd's daughter in law is Gemma Shepherd-Robinson