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Partners of 
Pamela Carsaniga
Pamela Carsaniga

Partners of 
Pamela Carsaniga

Luca Scacchi Gracco


3 children together

married circa 1956
divorce 1963

Pamela Carsaniga
Bio Details

Full name

Pamela Helen Joyce Carsaniga

Maiden name

Pamela Helen Joyce Risby

Also known as

Pamela Gracco

Pamela Scacchi




87 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Gloucestershire, England, UK



Dance School Owner

Language Teacher

Is said to have been the model for the statue in the middle of the fountain in Sloane Square in London.
Mother of Greta Scacchi
Pamela Carsaniga

Pamela Helen Joyce Carsaniga


87 (approx.)



Pamela Carsaniga Partner(s) Other Children

Pamela Carsaniga Children

Paolo Scacchi

born 1958, age 60 (approx.)
with Luca Scacchi Gracco

Tom Scacchi

born 1958, age 60 (approx.)
with Luca Scacchi Gracco

Greta Scacchi

born 1960, age 58
with Luca Scacchi Gracco

Italian-Australian Actress


Pamela Carsaniga Family

Pamela Carsaniga's children:

Pamela Carsaniga's daughter is Greta Scacchi Pamela Carsaniga's son is Paolo Scacchi Pamela Carsaniga's son is Tom Scacchi

Pamela Carsaniga's current partners:

Pamela Carsaniga's husband was Emeritus Professor Giovanni Carsaniga

Pamela Carsaniga's former partners:

Pamela Carsaniga's former husband is Luca Scacchi Gracco

Pamela Carsaniga's grandchildren:

Pamela Carsaniga's granddaughter is Leila George Pamela Carsaniga's grandson is Mateo Mantegazza

Pamela Carsaniga's in laws:

Pamela Carsaniga's father in law is Arnaldo Camillo Carsaniga Pamela Carsaniga's mother in law is Annamaria Carsaniga Pamela Carsaniga's son in law is Carlo Mantegazza

Pamela Carsaniga's former in laws:

Pamela Carsaniga's former father in law is Baron Giuseppe Scacchi Pamela Carsaniga's former mother in law is Baroness Emilia Ruegg Pamela Carsaniga's former sister in law is Delores Scacchi