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Bon Scott
Partners of 
Bon Scott

Original Frontman of the Rock Band AC/DC
Bon Scott

Ronald Belford Scott




Tuesday 09 Jul 1946


19 Feb 1980

Bon Scott
Bio Details

Full name

Ronald Belford Scott





Date of birth

Tuesday 09 Jul 1946

Birth place

Kirriemuir, Scotland

Date of death:

19 Feb 1980

Place of death

London, UK

Cause of death

Choked on his own Vomit


Singer & Recording Artist

When asked if he was the AC (alternate current) or DC (direct current) in the band he replied “Neither, I’m the lightning flash in the middle.”
Following a night out with friends, Scott fell asleep in his car where he was found the next day dead, he had choked on his own vomit.  The official cause of death is recorded as acute alcohol poisoning.
AC/DC fansraised £45,00 to erect a statue of Bon Scott in his home town of Kirriemuir in Scotland.  This is the second statue of the singer to be erected in his memory.  The first being in Frematle, Australia in 2008 where th singer and his family emigtarted in 1952.
The singer's life is celebrated annually in Bonfest in his home town in Scotland.

Bon Scott Siblings

Graeme Scott


Valerie Scott


Sandy Scott


Derek Scott


Partners of 
Bon Scott

Pam Swain


dated from 1979
until 1979

Silver Smith

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed 1976
until about 1980

Irene Thornton


married 1972
divorce 1978

Maria Short


dated from about 1965
until about 1968


Bon Scott Family

Bon Scott's parents:

Bon Scott's father is Chick Scott Bon Scott's mother is Isa Scott

Bon Scott's former partners:

Bon Scott dated Pam Swain Bon Scott had an on-off relationship with Silver Smith Bon Scott's former wife is Irene Thornton Bon Scott dated Maria Short

Bon Scott's siblings:

Bon Scott's brother is Graeme Scott Bon Scott's sister is Valerie Scott Bon Scott's brother was Sandy Scott Bon Scott's brother is Derek Scott

Bon Scott's grandparents:

Bon Scott's grandfather is Alec Scott Bon Scott's grandmother is Jayne Scott

Bon Scott's uncles and aunts:

Bon Scott's uncle is George Scott

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