Married Relationship facts

Dating From Mar 2013

Kathryn has been Josh's assistant since 2012

Engaged Apr 2015

Married 24 Sep 2016

American Actor and James Brolins' son
Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin


51 (approx.)



Other Partners

Diane Lane


married 2004
divorce Nov 2013

Minnie Driver

Broken Engagement

engaged from Apr 2001
until Oct 2001

Alice Adair


2 children together

married 1988
divorce 1994

Professional Partners

Josh Brolin Siblings

Jess Brolin


Molly Elizabeth Brolin


other parent: Jan Smithers

Jason Gould


step parent: Barbra Streisand

Other Partners

Professional Partners


Kathryn Boyd

Kathryn Boyd

His Other Children

Trevor Brolin

born 1988, age 30 (approx.)
with Alice Adair

Eden Brolin

born 1994, age 24 (approx.)
with Alice Adair

Children Together

Westlyn Brolin

born 2018, age under a month old (approx.)

Her Other Children

Josh Brolin
Bio Details

Full name

Josh Brolin




51 (approx.)

Date of birth




Child Actor


Josh Brolin Family

Josh Brolin's parents:

Josh Brolin's father is James Brolin Josh Brolin's step-mother is Barbra Streisand Josh Brolin's mother was Jane Cameron Agee

Josh Brolin's former step-parents:

Josh Brolin's former step-mother is Jan Smithers

Josh Brolin's children:

Josh Brolin's son is Trevor Brolin Josh Brolin's daughter is Eden Brolin Josh Brolin's daughter is Westlyn Brolin

Josh Brolin's current partners:

Josh Brolin's wife is Kathryn Boyd

Josh Brolin's former partners:

Josh Brolin is the former fiance of Minnie Driver Josh Brolin's former wife is Diane Lane Josh Brolin's former wife is Alice Adair

Josh Brolin's siblings:

Josh Brolin's step-brother is Jason Gould Josh Brolin's brother is Jess Brolin Josh Brolin's half-sister is Molly Elizabeth Brolin

Josh Brolin's grandparents:

Josh Brolin's grandfather is Henry Bruderlin Josh Brolin's grandmother is Helen Bruderlin

Josh Brolin's step-grandparents:

Josh Brolin's step-grandfather was Emanuel Streisand Josh Brolin's step-grandmother is Diana Streisand Josh Brolin's step-grandfather is Louis Kind

Josh Brolin's former in laws:

Josh Brolin's former father in law is Burt Lane

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Gwyneth Paltrow

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Kathryn Boyd
Bio Details

Full name

Kathryn Boyd




Personal Assistant


Kathryn Boyd Family

Kathryn Boyd's children:

Kathryn Boyd's daughter is Westlyn Brolin Kathryn Boyd's step-son is Trevor Brolin Kathryn Boyd's step-daughter is Eden Brolin

Kathryn Boyd's current partners:

Kathryn Boyd's husband is Josh Brolin

Kathryn Boyd's in laws:

Kathryn Boyd's father in law is James Brolin Kathryn Boyd's step-mother in law is Barbra Streisand Kathryn Boyd's step-grandfather in law was Emanuel Streisand Kathryn Boyd's step-grandmother in law is Diana Streisand Kathryn Boyd's grandfather in law is Henry Bruderlin Kathryn Boyd's grandmother in law is Helen Bruderlin Kathryn Boyd's step-brother in law is Jason Gould Kathryn Boyd's mother in law was Jane Cameron Agee Kathryn Boyd's step-grandfather in law is Louis Kind Kathryn Boyd's brother in law is Jess Brolin Kathryn Boyd's half-sister in law is Molly Elizabeth Brolin