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Eddie Frey
Partner of 
Eddie Frey

Eddie Frey

Edward Warren Frey

Eddie Frey
Bio Details

Full name

Edward Warren Frey




Factory Worker

Partners of 
Eddie Frey

Nellie Frey


3 children together

Ended 2013

Eddie Frey Children

Alan Frey

with Nellie Frey

Matthew Frey

with Nellie Frey

Glenn Frey

born 1948, died 2016, age 67
with Nellie Frey

Founding Member of The Eagles

Eddie Frey Partner(s) Other Children


Eddie Frey Family

Eddie Frey's children:

Eddie Frey's son was Glenn Frey Eddie Frey's son is Alan Frey Eddie Frey's son is Matthew Frey

Eddie Frey's former partners:

Eddie Frey's former wife was Nellie Frey

Eddie Frey's grandchildren:

Eddie Frey's granddaughter is Taylor Frey Eddie Frey's grandson is Deacon Frey Eddie Frey's grandson is Otis Frey

Eddie Frey's in laws:

Eddie Frey's daughter in law is Cindy Frey

Eddie Frey's former in laws:

Eddie Frey's former father in law was George Markham Eddie Frey's former mother in law was Edith Markham Eddie Frey's former daughter in law is Janie Beggs