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Casey Kasem
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Casey Kasem

Radio Personality who hosted the American Top 40
Casey Kasem

Kemal Amin Kasem




Wednesday 27 Apr 1932


15 Jun 2014

Casey Kasem
Bio Details

Full name

Kemal Amin Kasem





Date of birth

Wednesday 27 Apr 1932

Birth place

Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA

Date of death:

15 Jun 2014

Place of death

Gig Harbor, Pierce County, Washington, USA


Radio Presenter


Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, United States

As well as being a famous voice on the radio, Casey could also be heard providing the voice for Shaggy in various incarnations of Scooby Doo.
In 2013 Kasem was diagnosed with an aggressive form of dementia - Lewy Body dementia - and was quickly unable to speak.  During his illness his wife Jean removed him from the nursing home in which he had been staying, and an investigation was launched into his whereabouts, due to the fact that his children from his first marriage had not been allowed to see him for several months.
A committed vegan, Casey resigned from performing the voice of Shaggy in Scooby-Doo when he was asked to voice him in a commercial for Burger King.  He returned to the show after negotiating that Shaggy's character became a vegetarian.

Partners of 
Casey Kasem

Jean Kasem


1 child together

1980 - 2014

Linda Myers Naylor


3 children together

married 1972
divorce 1979

Casey Kasem Children

Julie Kasem

with Linda Myers Naylor

Michael Kasem

with Linda Myers Naylor

Kerri Kasem

born 1972, age 47
with Linda Myers Naylor

American Radio Personality

Liberty Kasem

born 1991, age 28 (approx.)
with Jean Kasem

Casey Kasem Partner(s) Other Children


Casey Kasem Family

Casey Kasem's parents:

Casey Kasem's father is Amin Kasem Casey Kasem's mother is Helen Kasem

Casey Kasem's children:

Casey Kasem's daughter is Kerri Kasem Casey Kasem's daughter is Julie Kasem Casey Kasem's son is Michael Kasem Casey Kasem's daughter is Liberty Kasem

Casey Kasem's former partners:

Casey Kasem's former wife is Jean Kasem Casey Kasem's former wife is Linda Myers Naylor

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