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Eddie Kidd OBE
Partners of 
Eddie Kidd OBE

Motorcycling Daredevil Stunt Performer
Eddie Kidd OBE

Eddie Kidd




Monday 22 Jun 1959

Eddie Kidd OBE
Bio Details

Full name

Eddie Kidd





Date of birth

Monday 22 Jun 1959

Birth place

Islington, London, England, UK



Performed more than 12,000 motorcycle jumps in his career including one over the Great Wall of China in 1993.  and completed a number of daredevil stunts for blockbuster movies including Bullseye, Hanover Street, Top Secret and a number of James Bond films.
His career ended after an accident occurred landing his bike after a 50 ft jump at the Bulldog Bash in Warwickshire.  Het hit his chin on the petrol tank and plunged unconscious with his bike over a 20ft embankment, breaking his pelvis, collarbone and six vertebrae in his neck.  He also suffered substantial brain damage and was told by doctors that he would never walk again.
He beat Robbie Knievel, son of Evel Knieval, in the stunt bike world championship in 1993.
in 2011 he completed the London Marathon using a specially designed frame to help him walk the 26 mile course.  The challenge took 43 days and he raised more than £100,000 for charity.
Received an OBE in 2012 in the Queen's Birthday Honours list

Eddie Kidd OBE Siblings

Sarah Simpson


Christine Morris


Partners of 
Eddie Kidd OBE

Sami Kirli


marriage 2010
estranged from 2012

Olive Reynolds


1 child together

relationship began 1997
until 2002

Sarah Carr


1 child together

married about 1992
divorce 1997

Stacey Young


affair from about 1986

Debbie Ash


1 child together

Eddie Kidd OBE Children

Candie Kidd

born 1983, age 35 (approx.)
with Debbie Ash

Daughter of Stunt Man Eddie Kid Niece of Actress Leslie Ash

Jack Kidd

born 1994, age 24 (approx.)
with Sarah Carr

Son of Stunt Man Eddie Kid

Callum Kidd

born 2001, age 17 (approx.)
with Olive Reynolds

Son of Stunt Man Eddie Kid

Eddie Kidd OBE Partner(s) Other Children


Eddie Kidd OBE Family

Eddie Kidd OBE's parents:

Eddie Kidd OBE's father was Eddie Kidd Eddie Kidd OBE's mother is Marjorie Kidd

Eddie Kidd OBE's children:

Eddie Kidd OBE's daughter is Candie Kidd Eddie Kidd OBE's son is Jack Kidd Eddie Kidd OBE's son is Callum Kidd

Eddie Kidd OBE's former partners:

Eddie Kidd OBE's former wife is Debbie Ash Eddie Kidd OBE's former wife is Sami Kirli Eddie Kidd OBE had a relationship with Olive Reynolds Eddie Kidd OBE's former husband is Sarah Carr Eddie Kidd OBE had an affair with Stacey Young

Eddie Kidd OBE's siblings:

Eddie Kidd OBE's sister is Sarah Simpson Eddie Kidd OBE's sister is Christine Morris

Eddie Kidd OBE's grandchildren:

Eddie Kidd OBE's granddaughter is Amalia Barrymore

Eddie Kidd OBE's in laws:

Eddie Kidd OBE's son in law is Daniel Barrymore

Eddie Kidd OBE's former in laws:

Eddie Kidd OBE's former sister in law is Leslie Ash Eddie Kidd OBE's former father in law was Moe Ash Eddie Kidd OBE's former mother in law is Ellie Ash