Married Relationship facts

First Met Jan 2003

Married 2 Mar 2007

Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, UK

Divorce Jun 2011

Religious Ceremony 9 Mar 2007

Mumbai, India

Jilted Husband of Actress Liz Hurley
Arun Nayar

Arun Nayar


53 (approx.)


Dec 1964

Other Partners

Kim Johnson


relationship began about Nov 2012

Valentina Pedroni


married 1997
divorce about 2002

Professional Partners

Arun Nayar Siblings

Nikhil Nayar


Other Partners

Niccolo Barattieri Di San Pietro


dating from before Nov 2018

David Foster


dated from about Jul 2017

David Yarrow


relationship began about Feb 2014
until about Sep 2014

Shane Warne

Broken Engagement

engaged from 30 Sep 2011
until 17 Dec 2013

Tim Jefferies


dated from about Jun 2001
until about Jul 2001

Matthew Perry

Rumoured Romance

allegedly dating from about Jan 2001
until circa May 2001

Steve Bing


1 child together

relationship began about Oct 2000
until about Nov 2001

Teddy Forstmann

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from about 1999
until about 2000

Hugh Grant


relationship began 1987
until May 2000

Professional Partners

Liz Hurley Siblings

Kate Curren


Michael Hurley


Actress, Film Producer and famous for that Versace dress
Liz Hurley

Elizabeth Jane Hurley




Thursday 10 Jun 1965

His Other Children

Children Together

Her Other Children

Damian Hurley

born 2002, age 18
with Steve Bing

Liz Hurley's Son

Arun Nayar
Bio Details


Arun Nayar Family

Arun Nayar's parents:

Arun Nayar's father is Vinod Nayar Arun Nayar's mother is Gunnar Nayar Arun Nayar's step-mother is Joanne Nayer

Arun Nayar's children:

Arun Nayar's step-son is Damian Hurley

Arun Nayar's current partners:

Arun Nayar's wife is Liz Hurley Arun Nayar has a relationship with Kim Johnson

Arun Nayar's former partners:

Arun Nayar's former wife is Valentina Pedroni

Arun Nayar's siblings:

Arun Nayar's brother is Nikhil Nayar

Arun Nayar's in laws:

Arun Nayar's father in law was Roy Hurley Arun Nayar's mother in law is Angela Hurley Arun Nayar's grandfather in law was Charles Hurley Arun Nayar's grandmother in law was Francis Hurley Arun Nayar's grandfather in law is George Titt Arun Nayar's sister in law is Kate Curren Arun Nayar's brother in law-by-marriage is Danny Curren Arun Nayar's brother in law is Michael Hurley

Liz Hurley
Bio Details

Full name

Elizabeth Jane Hurley





Date of birth

Thursday 10 Jun 1965

Birth place

Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, UK




Organic Farmer


Harriet Costello School, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom


Liz Hurley Family

Liz Hurley's parents:

Liz Hurley's father was Roy Hurley Liz Hurley's mother is Angela Hurley

Liz Hurley's children:

Liz Hurley's son is Damian Hurley

Liz Hurley's current partners:

Liz Hurley's husband is Arun Nayar Liz Hurley is dating Niccolo Barattieri Di San Pietro

Liz Hurley's former partners:

Liz Hurley was rumoured to had a romance with Matthew Perry Liz Hurley had a relationship with Hugh Grant Liz Hurley had a relationship with David Yarrow Liz Hurley is the former fiance of Shane Warne Liz Hurley had a relationship with Steve Bing Liz Hurley allegedly had a romance with Teddy Forstmann Liz Hurley dated David Foster Liz Hurley dated Tim Jefferies

Liz Hurley's siblings:

Liz Hurley's sister is Kate Curren Liz Hurley's brother is Michael Hurley

Liz Hurley's nieces and nephews:

Liz Hurley's niece is Amelia Curren Liz Hurley's nephew is Miles Hurley

Liz Hurley's grandparents:

Liz Hurley's grandfather is George Titt Liz Hurley's grandfather was Charles Hurley Liz Hurley's grandmother was Francis Hurley

Liz Hurley's great grandparents:

Liz Hurley's great grandfather was Charles Hurley Liz Hurley's great grandmother was Ellen Hurley   Liz Hurley's great great grandfather was Charles Hurley Liz Hurley's great great grandmother is Mary Hurley

Liz Hurley's in laws:

Liz Hurley's father in law is Vinod Nayar Liz Hurley's mother in law is Gunnar Nayar Liz Hurley's step-mother in law is Joanne Nayer Liz Hurley's brother in law is Nikhil Nayar Liz Hurley's sister in law-by-marriage is Samantha Carmichael