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B.D. Hyman
B.D. Hyman

Partners of 
B.D. Hyman

Jeremy Hyman


2 children together

31 Dec 1963

B.D. Hyman
Bio Details

Full name

B.D. Hyman

Maiden name

Barbara Davis Sherry





Date of birth

Thursday 01 May 1947

Birth place

Santa Ana, California, USA

Family Feuds

In 1985 B.D. published a tell all about her childhood the Bette Davis, describing her as "an abusive, domineering and hateful mother," and "a grotesque alcoholic".  The book received a great deal of condemnation as it was released at the same time that Davis was recovering from a severe stroke.  Davis cut B.D. out of her will, as well as failing to provide anything for Margot, Bette's adopted daughter.

B.D. Hyman Siblings

Margot Merrill

Adopted Half-sister

other parent: Gary Merrill

Michael Merrill

Adopted Half-brother

other parent: Gary Merrill

Author of 'My Mother's Keeper'
B.D. Hyman

B.D. Hyman




Thursday 01 May 1947

B.D. Hyman Partner(s) Other Children

B.D. Hyman Children

Ashley Hyman

born 1970, age 48 (approx.)
with Jeremy Hyman

Justin Hyman

born 1978, age 40 (approx.)
with Jeremy Hyman


B.D. Hyman Family

B.D. Hyman's parents:

B.D. Hyman's mother was Bette Davis B.D. Hyman's father was William Grant Sherry B.D. Hyman's step-father was Arthur Farnsworth

B.D. Hyman's former step-parents:

B.D. Hyman's former step-father was Ham Nelson B.D. Hyman's former step-father was Gary Merrill

B.D. Hyman's children:

B.D. Hyman's son is Ashley Hyman B.D. Hyman's son is Justin Hyman

B.D. Hyman's current partners:

B.D. Hyman's husband is Jeremy Hyman

B.D. Hyman's siblings:

B.D. Hyman's adopted sister is Margot Merrill B.D. Hyman's adopted brother is Michael Merrill

B.D. Hyman's grandparents:

B.D. Hyman's grandfather was Harlow Davis B.D. Hyman's grandmother was Ruth Davis

B.D. Hyman's great grandparents:

B.D. Hyman's great grandfather was William Aaron Favor B.D. Hyman's great grandmother was Harriet Eugenia Favor B.D. Hyman's great grandfather was Edward Elwell Davis B.D. Hyman's great grandmother was Eliza Jane Davis

B.D. Hyman's former step-grandparents:

B.D. Hyman's former step-grandmother was Minnie Flora Davis

B.D. Hyman's uncles and aunts:

B.D. Hyman's aunt is Bobby Pelgram B.D. Hyman's uncle-by-marriage is Robert Cole Pelgram