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Patsy Swayze
Patsy Swayze

Partners of 
Patsy Swayze

Jesse Swayze


2 children together

Patsy Swayze
Bio Details

Full name

Patsy Swayze





Dance Teacher

Choreographer for 1980 film Urban Cowboy
Mother of Patrick Swayze
Patsy Swayze

Patsy Swayze

Patsy Swayze Partner(s) Other Children

Patsy Swayze Children

Vicki Swayze

died 1994
with Jesse Swayze

Patrick Swayze's Sister

Patrick Swayze

born 1952, died 2009, age 57
with Jesse Swayze

Dirty Dancing Star


Patsy Swayze Family

Patsy Swayze's children:

Patsy Swayze's son was Patrick Swayze Patsy Swayze's daughter was Vicki Swayze

Patsy Swayze's current partners:

Patsy Swayze's husband was Jesse Swayze

Patsy Swayze's in laws:

Patsy Swayze's daughter in law is Lisa Niemi

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