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Joe Hasselhoff
Partner of 
Joe Hasselhoff

Joe Hasselhoff

Joseph Vincent Hasselhoff


93 (approx.)



Joe Hasselhoff
Bio Details

Full name

Joseph Vincent Hasselhoff




93 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Mount St. Joseph's High School, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Campbell Hall School, North Hollywood, California, United States

University of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Partners of 
Joe Hasselhoff

Dolores Hasselhoff


5 children together

Jun 1949

Joe Hasselhoff Children

Diane Hasselhoff

born 1950, age 68 (approx.)
with Dolores Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

born 1952, age 65
with Dolores Hasselhoff

American Actor and Singer Knight Rider

Joyce Hasselhoff

born 1954, age 63
with Dolores Hasselhoff

Jean Hasselhoff

born 1956, age 62
with Dolores Hasselhoff

Lisa Hasselhoff

born 1968, age 49
with Dolores Hasselhoff

Joe Hasselhoff Partner(s) Other Children


Joe Hasselhoff Family

Joe Hasselhoff's parents:

Joe Hasselhoff's father was Joseph Hasselhoff Joe Hasselhoff's mother was Myrtle Hasselhoff

Joe Hasselhoff's children:

Joe Hasselhoff's son is David Hasselhoff Joe Hasselhoff's daughter is Diane Hasselhoff Joe Hasselhoff's daughter is Joyce Hasselhoff Joe Hasselhoff's daughter is Jean Hasselhoff Joe Hasselhoff's daughter is Lisa Hasselhoff

Joe Hasselhoff's current partners:

Joe Hasselhoff's wife is Dolores Hasselhoff

Joe Hasselhoff's grandchildren:

Joe Hasselhoff's granddaughter is Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff Joe Hasselhoff's granddaughter is Hayley Hasselhoff

Joe Hasselhoff's in laws:

Joe Hasselhoff's father in law was Winfred Taylor Joe Hasselhoff's mother in law was Gertrude Mullinex

Joe Hasselhoff's former in laws:

Joe Hasselhoff's former daughter in law is Pamela Bach Joe Hasselhoff's former daughter in law is Catherine Hickland