Broken Engagement Relationship facts

Engaged From

Until Jan 2018

British actor - stars as Galavant
Joshua Sasse

Joshua Seymour Sasse




Wednesday 09 Dec 1987

Other Partners

Kylie Minogue OBE

Broken Engagement

engaged from 20 Feb 2016
until Jan 2017

Marta Milans

First Met


Francesca Cini


1 child together

Professional Partners

Joshua Sasse Siblings

Lydia Sasse


Other Partners

Professional Partners


Harriet Colling

Harriet Colling

His Other Children

Sebastian Sasse-Cini

born 2013 (ca.), age 5 (ca.)
with Francesca Cini

Children Together

Her Other Children

Joshua Sasse
Bio Details


Joshua Sasse Family

Joshua Sasse's parents:

Joshua Sasse's father was Dominic Sasse Joshua Sasse's mother is Mary Heale Joshua Sasse's step-father is Jonathan Heale

Joshua Sasse's children:

Joshua Sasse's daughter is Sebastian Sasse-Cini

Joshua Sasse's former partners:

Joshua Sasse is the former fiance of Kylie Minogue OBE Joshua Sasse had a relationship with Francesca Cini Joshua Sasse is the former fiance of Harriet Colling

Joshua Sasse's siblings:

Joshua Sasse's sister is Lydia Sasse

Joshua Sasse's nieces and nephews:

Joshua Sasse's nephew is Ruben Mullan

Joshua Sasse's grandparents:

Joshua Sasse's grandfather was William Macauley Joshua Sasse's grandmother was Diane Macauley Joshua Sasse's grandfather is Tim Sasse

Joshua Sasse's great grandparents:

Joshua Sasse's great grandfather was William Berry, 1st Viscount Camrose Joshua Sasse's great grandmother was Mary Berry, Viscountess Camrose   Joshua Sasse's great great grandfather was John Berry Joshua Sasse's great great grandmother was Mary Berry

Joshua Sasse's great uncles and aunts:

Joshua Sasse's great uncle was William Berry, Baron Hartwell, 3rd Viscount Camrose Joshua Sasse's great uncle was John Berry, 2nd Viscount Camrose

Harriet Colling
Bio Details

Full name

Harriet Colling




Harriet Colling Family

Harriet Colling's former partners:

Harriet Colling is the former fiance of Joshua Sasse