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Tim Peake
Partner of 
Tim Peake

British Astronaut and member of the ISS crew
Tim Peake

Timothy Nigel Peake




Friday 07 Apr 1972

Tim Peake
Bio Details

Full name

Timothy Nigel Peake





Date of birth

Friday 07 Apr 1972

Birth place

Chichester, West Sussex, England, UK


British Army (1992 - 2009)

Pilot (1994)

Helicopter Pilot (1998)

Test Pilot (2006 - 2009)

Astronaut (2009)


Chichester High School for Boys, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom (Finished 1990)

Empire Test Pilots’ School, Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom (Finished 2005)

University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom (Finished 2006)

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom (1990 - 1992)

Ground Control to Major Tim

On 15th of December 2015, Tim Peake blasted off to the International Space Station where he will be stationed for 6 months.  During this time he will conduct scientific experiments and carry out educational projects designed to attract young people into science.  He became the first UK astronaut since 1991, and the first ever British member of the ISS crew.
He returned to earth safely landing in Kazakhastan on 18 June 2016 after 186 days in space.

Tim Peake Siblings

Fiona Peake


Partners of 
Tim Peake

Rebecca Peake


2 children together

Tim Peake Children

Thomas Peake

born 2009, age 9 (approx.)
with Rebecca Peake

Oliver Peake

born 2011, age 7 (approx.)
with Rebecca Peake

Tim Peake Partner(s) Other Children


Tim Peake Family

Tim Peake's parents:

Tim Peake's father is Nigel Peake Tim Peake's mother is Angela Peake

Tim Peake's children:

Tim Peake's son is Thomas Peake Tim Peake's son is Oliver Peake

Tim Peake's current partners:

Tim Peake's wife is Rebecca Peake

Tim Peake's siblings:

Tim Peake's sister is Fiona Peake

Tim Peake's in laws:

Tim Peake's father in law is John King Tim Peake's mother in law is Maddy King Tim Peake's brother in law is Duncan King Tim Peake's sister in law-by-marriage is Mrs King