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Tyson Fury
Partners of 
Tyson Fury

World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Tyson Fury

Tyson Luke Fury




Friday 12 Aug 1988

Tyson Fury
Bio Details

Full name

Tyson Luke Fury





Date of birth

Friday 12 Aug 1988

Birth place

Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, England, UK




Styal Primary School, Styal, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom (1993 - 1999)

6' 9" (2.06m) tall and weighs 18 Stone (252 pounds or 114.3 Kg)

Tyson Fury Siblings

Shane Fury


Hughie Fury


Ramona Fury


Partners of 
Tyson Fury

Paris Fury


6 children together

Nov 2008

Tyson Fury Children

Venezuela Fury

born 2009, age 11
with Paris Fury

Daughter of Tyson Fury

Prince John James Fury

born 2011, age 9 (approx.)
with Paris Fury

Prince Tyson Fury II

born 2017, age 4 (approx.)
with Paris Fury

Valencia Fury

born 2017, age 3
with Paris Fury

Prince Adonis Amaziah Fury

born 2019, age 2
with Paris Fury

Athena Fury

born 2021, age 9 days
with Paris Fury

Tyson Fury Partner(s) Other Children


Tyson Fury Family

Tyson Fury's parents:

Tyson Fury's father is John Fury 'Gypsy John Fury' Tyson Fury's mother is Amber Fury

Tyson Fury's children:

Tyson Fury's daughter is Venezuela Fury Tyson Fury's son is Prince John James Fury Tyson Fury's son is Prince Tyson Fury II Tyson Fury's daughter is Valencia Fury Tyson Fury's son is Prince Adonis Amaziah Fury Tyson Fury's daughter is Athena Fury

Tyson Fury's current partners:

Tyson Fury's wife is Paris Fury

Tyson Fury's siblings:

Tyson Fury's brother is Shane Fury Tyson Fury's brother is Hughie Fury Tyson Fury's sister was Ramona Fury

Tyson Fury's grandparents:

Tyson Fury's grandfather is Hugh Fury Tyson Fury's grandmother is Patience Fury

Tyson Fury's uncles and aunts:

Tyson Fury's uncle was Hughie Fury Tyson Fury's uncle is Peter Fury Tyson Fury's aunt-by-marriage is Maureen Fury