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Patricia Krenwinkel
Partner of 
Patricia Krenwinkel

Member of the Notorious Manson Family
Patricia Krenwinkel

Patricia Diane Krenwinkel




Wednesday 03 Dec 1947

Patricia Krenwinkel
Bio Details

Full name

Patricia Diane Krenwinkel

Also known as

Big Patty


Mary Ann Scott

Marnie Reevs






Date of birth

Wednesday 03 Dec 1947

Birth place

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA

On December the 2nd 1969, Patricia was indicted for seven counts of first degree murder and one count conspiracy to commit murder.  She was found guilty and sentenced to death on the 29th of March 1971, which was later commuted to life when the death penalty was abolished in 1972.
During her trial, Patricia described her time at the Spahn Ranch.  "We were just like wood nymphs and wood creatures.  We would run through the woods with flowers in our hair, and Charlie would have a small flute."  She spent much of her time at the ranch caring for the children of other family members.

Patricia Krenwinkel Siblings

Charlene Krenwinkel


Partners of 
Patricia Krenwinkel

Charles Manson


relationship began 1967


Patricia Krenwinkel Family

Patricia Krenwinkel's parents:

Patricia Krenwinkel's father is Joseph Krenwinkel Patricia Krenwinkel's mother is Dorothy Huber

Patricia Krenwinkel's former partners:

Patricia Krenwinkel had a relationship with Charles Manson

Patricia Krenwinkel's siblings:

Patricia Krenwinkel's sister is Charlene Krenwinkel

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Member of the Manson Family

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