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Jay White
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Jay White

Jay White

Jay White


37 (approx.)




29 Jun 1993

Jay White
Bio Details

Full name

Jay White

Also known as

Charles Milles Manson Jr.




37 (approx.)

Date of birth


Date of death:

29 Jun 1993

Place of death

Burlington, Colorado, USA

Cause of death

Took Own Life

Jay White Siblings

Charles Luthor Manson Jr.


other parent: Leona Rae Stevens

Valentine Michael Manson


other parent: Mary Theresa Brunner

Partners of 
Jay White

Jay White Children

Jason Freeman

with Unknown

Jay White Partner(s) Other Children


Jay White Family

Jay White's parents:

Jay White's father was Charles Manson Jay White's mother is Rosalie Jean Willis

Jay White's former step-parents:

Jay White's former step-mother is Leona Rae Stevens

Jay White's children:

Jay White's son is Jason Freeman

Jay White's siblings:

Jay White's half-brother is Charles Luthor Manson Jr. Jay White's half-brother is Valentine Michael Manson

Jay White's grandparents:

Jay White's grandfather was Colonel Scott Jay White's grandmother was Kathleen Bower

Jay White's great grandparents:

Jay White's great grandfather was Charles Milles Maddox Jay White's great grandmother was Nancy Lorraine Maddox Jay White's great grandfather was Walter Scott

Jay White's former step-grandparents:

Jay White's former step-grandfather was Gale Stanley Bower Jay White's former step-grandfather is Lewis Jay White's former step-grandfather was William Manson

Jay White's great uncles and aunts:

Jay White's great uncle is Darwin Scott Jay White's great aunt was Glenna Thomas Jay White's great uncle is Luther Elbert Maddox