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Partners of 
Pier Angeli
Pier Angeli

Partners of 
Pier Angeli

Armando Trovajoli


1 child together

married 14 Feb 1962
divorce 1969

Vic Damone


1 child together

married 24 Nov 1954
divorce 18 Dec 1958

James Dean


relationship began 1954
until before Nov 1954

Kirk Douglas

Broken Engagement

engaged from about Dec 1952
until about 1953

Marlon Brando


Pier Angeli
Bio Details

Full name

Pier Angeli

Maiden name

Anna Maria Pierangeli





Date of birth

Sunday 19 Jun 1932

Birth place

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

Date of death:

10 Sep 1971

Place of death

At her home in Beverly Hills, California, USA

Cause of death

Drugs overdose

Pier Angeli Siblings

Marisa Pavan


Patricia Pierangeli


Pier Angeli

Pier Angeli




Sunday 19 Jun 1932


10 Sep 1971

Pier Angeli Partner(s) Other Children

Pier Angeli Children

Perry Damone

born 1955, died 2014, age 59
with Vic Damone

Howard Rugantino

born 1963, age 55
with Armando Trovajoli


Pier Angeli Family

Pier Angeli's parents:

Pier Angeli's father was Luigi Pierangeli Pier Angeli's mother is Enrica Pierangeli

Pier Angeli's children:

Pier Angeli's son was Perry Damone Pier Angeli's son is Howard Rugantino

Pier Angeli's former partners:

Pier Angeli had a relationship with James Dean Pier Angeli is the former fiance of Kirk Douglas Pier Angeli had an affair with Marlon Brando Pier Angeli's former husband was Armando Trovajoli Pier Angeli's former husband was Vic Damone

Pier Angeli's siblings:

Pier Angeli's sister is Marisa Pavan Pier Angeli's sister is Patricia Pierangeli

Pier Angeli's nieces and nephews:

Pier Angeli's nephew is Jean-Claude Aumont Pier Angeli's nephew is Patrick Aumont

Pier Angeli's former in laws:

Pier Angeli's former father in law was Rocco Farinola Pier Angeli's former mother in law was Mamie Farinola Pier Angeli's former grandfather in law was Onofrio Damone Pier Angeli's former grandmother in law was Domenica Damone Pier Angeli's former sister in law is Sandy Boucher